Serious question: if our nation is being invaded by illegal aliens, what’s the point of funding an Army/Navy/Air Force/Marines/Space Force? [Army-Navy game hotel reservations canceled due to influx of migrants in Massachusetts, CBS News, October 4, 2023]:

FOXBORO – It is one of the most anticipated games in college football and this year it is being played at Gillette Stadium. The Army-Navy game will make its Foxboro debut on December 9th.

American presidents often attend, but you can be certain tens of thousands of veterans will pour into the greater Boston area. Tickets to the game sell out quickly and hotel rooms become a hot commodity.

That’s why it was all the more troubling when Mark Mansbach, a travel agent out of New Jersey, started getting calls from clients that their hotel rooms for the game were being canceled. He decided to call the hotels his agency was partnering with for the game.

“They were leasing out the hotels to the state of Massachusetts for refugees,” Mansbach said he was told. It was the response from three hotels owned by Giri Hotel Management, according to Mansbach.

The company, he explained, was working with the state to house migrants under the right to shelter law. His clients’ previously booked hotel rooms were canceled to continue the lease with the state. Mansbach said at least 70 of his reservations were impacted.

Governor Maura Healey spoke about the issue Wednesday afternoon.

“I am very distressed to learn that any veteran may have been moved from a hotel, who had booked a hotel for that game,” Healey said. “As I understand it, those were decisions made by area hotels.”

Healey said she instructed the Office of Veteran Services to look into the matter. The agency told WBZ Wednesday it was in contact with the parties involved to pinpoint any veteran who was still in need of a room.

Either you have a country or you don’t. As you can tell by this story, we no longer do. Why fund a military then, if our highest priority is paying for the colonization of every state of the Union by illegal aliens the Federal Government simply refuses to keep from entering our borders?

This story is a perfect metaphor for the decline of not just the United States, but the sunk cost that is the US Department of Defense.

Courtesy of UNZ