A psychic phenomenon known as remote viewing is predicting that a major world-changing event will occur before the end of 2023.

Remote viewing groups like the Future Forecasting Group, which uses a double-blind protocol to scientifically validate its predictions about the future, say that very calamitous things are on the way – and that a shift into a new age looks to be on the horizon before 2024 arrives.

The Future Forecasting Group, by the way, successfully predicted the Panama Canal bottleneck being blamed on regional drought conditions. It also predicted the destruction of the Kakhovka Dam in Ukraine; the Halloween stampede in South Korea; police violence at the Canadian trucker protests; and various other noteworthy events.

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Concerning the next financial crisis, the Future Forecasting Group has been assigned using its double-blind protocol to come up with a future prediction. All of its members ended up becoming distracted by “overpowering images of a catastrophic event” occurring in the very near future.

“They all saw the same thing,” writes Greg Reese on his Substack. “Massive explosions with multiple points of impact, small particles, and debris falling from the sky, people sick with Cesium, which is the most dangerous of all radioactive isotopes. Used in Dirty Bomb scenarios. They saw police checkpoints, people seeking shelter underground, and an exodus of sad-looking people.”

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What do you think the major event of 2023 will be?

Remote viewing has been used throughout time to speculate about future events, many of which did come true. The technique has been used to populate predictive linguistics programs that look for repeated words and phrases in all languages to create a macroscopic view of what is on people’s minds and in their consciousness.

Call it a psychic ability, a premonition, or prophetic awareness, but the fact remains that some people can sense the occurrence of major events before they take place. And some are event able to determine what these major events will look like before they even occur.

“The bigger the trauma, the more people would be emoting their anxiety online,” Reese explains. “And key words can be found.”

This tension language, as he calls it, is what constitutes the psychic awareness of an event occurring before it actually occurs. And remote viewers everywhere are seeing a major calamitous change occurring before the end of the year – what do you think it will be?

“I don’t think we need remote viewers to see the immediate future,” wrote one commenter on Reese’s blog, explaining that she only has trust “in our Creator and Jesus Christ.”

“It is very obvious what these demons are planning.”

“This event may be the escape rapture, for I was given a vision about the rapture over 40 years ago,” wrote another. “I saw multiple fireballs from a landing area up in space overlooking the earth below. It ended with one large comet hitting the ocean.”

“Very similar to Tom Horn’s book ‘Wormwood,’ Revelation 12 may happen at any time,” this person added. “The marriage supper of the Lamb starts up and satan gets kicked out of the second heaven and comes to earth to take over the body of the antichrist and rule for 3.5 or 7 years.”

“The Holy Spirit is taken from the earth at the same time that Planet X’s debris trail hits the earth. We will all know about it the day after, but that day it will be too late. Most will miss the boat, if you even survive the fireballs and kill shot.”

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