Please Note: This article contains a video that was banned by YouTube. You will see why when you watch it. It’s well worth an hour of your time….

I’ve been battling health problems and depression. I haven’t written much since June and I’m sorry.

I set here feeling sorry for myself and somehow God always finds a way to remind me that someone else has it worse. I met a lady named Genevieve last week and yesterday she told me her story. She got the vax and is now disabled. She can’t use her left arm at all and she’s had to take a lower paying job. Like many disabled people, she has been denied multiple times for disability and has to work.

I was approved on my first attempt. Yes I am disabled but so many people are much sicker than I am. In the back of my mind I often wonder if they approved me to keep me from doing this work. Conspiracy theory? Nonsense? Maybe so, but I’ve sat back and watched millions die AFTER vaccination. Two big time entertainers have become gravely ill in the last year AFTER the vaccine:

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Justin Bieber and Jamie Foxx are lucky I guess. They survived attempted murder by vaccine, in this author’s opinion. Foxx didn’t want the jab and was forced to take it to be in a movie. Very sad. His career may have ended because of that jab.

Back to Genevieve… I met this woman about a week ago on a dating site. She is gorgeous but she’s still working despite being disabled. She is working 6 days a week, with her disability, because the government won’t classify her as disabled. Her left arm is almost totally paralyzed and she works 6 days a week like that. She was denied multiple times for disability. We are good friends and I’m hoping for more, to be honest. She’s working 6 days a week with just one arm. She’s tough.

She had a better paying job and now has to work those 6 days a week just to pay her bills. Whether we have a future together, or not, I have decided to try to help her.

Here is a quote from her from a text on Saturday. Remember she’s Filipina and an immigrant so her English is not the best. Also this is from a text so typos may have been involved too:

Yes I work 16 hours a day for 3 years till I got stroke after booster.

I’m a typical stroke victim but Genevieve is not. Yes she worked long hours, like me, but… I also smoke cigarettes (trying to quit again) and drink caffeine like it’s going out of style. I went years on very little sleep because I had kids and a wife and they needed time too. I also have high blood pressure and am insulin dependent for my diabetes. Major risk factors. Gen worked long hours but she’s young (45) and even her doctors can’t explain why she had that stroke.

Her stroke was I think a week after her booster (can’t find that text).

After the following video I’m going to ask for donations for her. I simply don’t have extra money to give her. Remember I have 4 kids and soon she will too. LOL jk

This video was banned days after being released on YouTube and is called “Died Suddenly.” How many Americans are worse off than my friend Genevieve? All because they took the same vaccines that I believe caused her stroke and paralysis.

Kids and young adults are dying. And it took a bunch of coroners to find out why. Me and my kids are unvaxxed but millions aren’t so lucky.

I saw this coming thanks to my friends at Natural News. The disease now known as covid, or coronavirus, is minor. They enhanced it at a Chinese lab in Wuhan. Then they created vaccines which are now being banned in some countries. Big Pharma rules America. Fortunately it doesn’t rule everywhere. There are SOME exceptions.

Genevieve is a Christian lady who came to America to chase the American Dream. Like millions of Americans she trusted those shots and she paid the price. Now she is struggling to make ends meet and, in my opinion, it’s because she took the jab TWICE.

Let’s show Genevieve that we care and she doesn’t need to work 6 days a week with one arm. Send donations directly to me at:

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Dean Garrison
Attn: Gen
1509 Twin Hills Apt. C
Monett, MO 65708

This morning, before I published this, Gen was telling me about a man she knew in the Philippines losing his sanity after the shot. It’s not just America folks.

My goal for Gen is to lessen her workload so she can concentrate more on her health and recovery. Prayers are also welcome and… By all means please help Genevieve by sharing this everywhere. Reprints are encouraged, you have my permission as the author.

I have been trying to get out of this funk I’m in. I haven’t had some of my medications since moving back to Missouri despite being disabled–no health insurance.

Welcome to the new America folks. I’m back to work because I have to be, like Genevieve.

Dean Garrison is the Publisher of DC Clothesline and DC Dirty Laundry