I don’t know how to apologize enough for “disappearing.”

I was wrong on so many levels. God gave me a burden that is much too heavy and now my health is failing fast, but you need me and I need you. God didn’t really give me that burden, but I did volunteer and then walked away in mid June. I’m sorry world. I’m human but I can’t keep running and hiding. It’s time to stand tall and finish the fight I volunteered for.

I don’t believe in anyone in politics anymore. Even after voting for Trump I watched him “gently” push his supporters to take the vaccines. Many of us still refused and Thank God we did. Those vaccines were meant to finish off a job that a manmade disease did not. They were meant to further depopulate planet earth. That’s why me and my kids never took the covid vax. Will everyone who took those vaccines die? Not from the vaccines themselves but those vaccines were designed to weaken us and rewrite our DNA. It’s all about depopulation.

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Why depopulation?

Almost 100 years ago man figured out how to control the weather and made a mess of God’s green earth. This video is 2 hours long but it proves what I’m saying. By trying to control the weather, man destroyed the planet. With all that said, this video is STILL available on YouTube which scares me. Why? Because on YouTube the truth doesn’t survive for long. Just keep that in mind and try to learn for the next 2 hours. The science doesn’t lie, but there may be an agenda behind this video that is still unseen.

I’ve probably watched that video 15 times and each time I do, I pick up things I missed before. I’m smart but not super science smart. lol Still my nephew and I saw a jet over Monett last week that broke it’s contrails twice. Are chemtrails real? Yes, I believe they are and they are killing the planet by trying to cool it.

Just so you know, I’m already feeling rushed to finish this. The fingers on my left hand are numb and I’m trying like hell to make them work but growing very impatient.

The other video I want you to watch is about an hour and talks about covid shots and the carnage they leave in the body. I feel more confident in this video’s truth. Why? It was banned almost immediately by YouTube.

Mike Adams is one of my heroes and he owns Brighteon. He would have made millions if he just followed the rules of his own government and now he’s grossly underpaid by presenting truth. I understand completely. I make less than minimum wage from my work but I’m also not Mike Adams. People like Mike and Dean must survive because if we don’t, the truth dies with us.

For that reason I’m trying to get off my lazy butt and get back in the fight. My left hand is struggling to keep up so I’ll be trying again soon.

Today I just wanted to say sorry for letting you all down. We are all brothers and sisters in Christ and I promised God I’d fight til my last breath and then rolled over. You can thank a good Christian lady for waking me up. God sent me a miracle. She reminded me of who I’m supposed to be fighting for. I don’t know if it’s serious but I’m praying she’s the one. LOL

I’m not giving up on me, you or her. My fight is for God’s people.

I’m dying already but if I don’t keep fighting you all die with me. Can I beat them? Probably not but that doesn’t give me the excuse to give up on a world full of beautiful people.

God Bless you all. I love you all and promise to try harder every day to get back in the fight. If you see this guy, just stay out of his way. LOL

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Why? I haven’t even shot that thing yet. Targets beware… Disabled Dean has a gun. 😉

They killed our planet by destroying the ozone. Now they are trying to kill billions so the rich, powerful and elite might survive. That’s a summary of those two videos. Armagedden is here folks.

Go back to your TVs. Dean is full of ####. But what if I’m not and actually one of the only ones that can see what’s happening?

You decide. I’m just trying to help.

God Bless.