(Natural News) For the first time since the Russian invasion, the Biden regime is transferring depleted uranium shells to Ukraine in what appears to be the next step in the escalation of World War III.

For the past several months, the Biden clown car of transgenders and deviants has been debating whether or not to send the nuclear armaments to Volodymyr Zelensky, who continues to receive welfare check after welfare check from American taxpayers.

According to Biden’s people, there are “no major obstacles” to sending these depleted uranium shells, so why not? They are to be used to equip M1 Abrams tanks that, like everything else in Zelensky’s possession, was procured by Washington, D.C., via American taxpayers.

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It was Ukraine itself that requested these nuclear munitions, stating that the Pentagram (Pentagon) “has urged that the Abrams tanks the U.S. is providing Ukraine be armed with depleted-uranium rounds, which are regularly used by the U.S. Army and are highly effective against Russian tanks.”

(Related: The Pentagon has been itching for nuclear war with Ukraine since at least last fall, threatening to drop bombs if Putin does not pull out of the country.)

Ukraine and the West are the problem, not Russia

While less radioactive and threatening than actual nukes, depleted uranium rounds are still technically nuclear. There are concerns that the soils they land on will become contaminated in a similar way to nuclear fallout, though less extreme.

Nevertheless, the sending of these munitions represents another escalation in Ukraine and the West’s war against Russia, the latter of which is trying to cleanse one of the world’s most corrupt nations, Ukraine, of its U.S.-run bioweapons laboratories that continue to threaten the rest of the world.

The United Kingdom has already been providing Ukraine with armor-piercing rounds containing depleted uranium for its Challenger 2 main battle tanks. The British defense ministry first announced this back in late March.

Russia was swift to condemn the UK for this move, stating that it is akin to using a “dirty bomb,” given the highly dangerous remnant effects of depleted uranium’s use on the battlefield.

“Such rounds are highly effective in defeating modern tanks and armored vehicles,” the UK defense ministry said at the time, to which Moscow responded with:

“These shells not only kill, but infect the environment and cause oncology in people living on these lands.”

For many years, international watchdog groups have been pressing to get depleted uranium shells banned via international treaty. The European Union (EU) has long pushed for a ban due to the seriousness of what these weapons do both to people and the environment.

“The projectile hits like a freight train,” said Scott Boston, a former Army artillery officer and defense analyst at the Rand Corporation. “It is very long and very dense. So it puts a great deal of kinetic energy on a specific point on an enemy armor array.”

It is the “chemical toxicity” of depleted uranium rounds that poses the biggest danger, as upon explosion they create toxic dust that gets dispersed all over the battlefield, leaving a permanent toxic presence – because it is nuclear, after all.

“Used as ammunition, it penetrates the thick steel encasing enemy tanks; used as armor, it protects troops against attack,” reported Scientific American about how depleted uranium rounds work.

“And when it was used in the Gulf War and later during the Allied bombing of Yugoslavia and Kosovo, depleted uranium (DU) was hailed as the new silver bullet that would solve most of the military’s problems.”

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“After the end of Operation Allied Force, however, several Italian soldiers were diagnosed with leukemia. Politicians and the media soon forged a link between the disease and depleted uranium use. They further drew a parallel with Gulf War Syndrome, and in no time, depleted uranium became the Agent Orange of the Balkan conflict.”

The latest news about the nuclear escalation in Ukraine can be found at WWIII.news.

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