(Natural News) A leaked email has revealed that the Nike corporation is promoting a surgeon for this year’s “pride” month who says he has performed many “gender affirming mastectomies” on minors – and is apparently proud of it.

The email starts off by stating that “This year’s theme is Together We Are Undeniable,” adding that “The LGBTQIA+ community continues to fight for equality – their fight to be themselves.”

Nike’s “Together We Are Undeniable” theme, according to the same email, “centers around determination; celebrating icons of the community and the progress we have and will continue to make in light of recent attacks and restrictions on the community and their allies.”

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Based out of Portland, Nike will host a panel discussion featuring Dr. Blair Peters, a surgeon at the Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU), who has mutilated children’s bodies for cash.

“Join the Human Rights Campaign, Portland Community Football Club’s Kaig Lightner, and OHSU Trans Health Program’s Dr. Blair Peters for a panel and Q&A to discuss policies impacting the transgender community,” the email further states, advertising the July 11 event.

(Related: Last year, Idaho passed a law banning the transgender mutilation of children.)

Peters deleted tweet celebrating three child “gender affirming mastectomies” he performed in one day

To give you an idea of who Peters is, last year he tweeted in celebration that he had “performed gender affirming mastectomies (top surgeries) for 3 young adults and adolescents” in one single day like this was some kind of laudable accomplishment.

In a video entitled “Meet OHSU’s Dr. Blair Peters,” Peters also made reference to having performed other “sex change” operations on minors, discussing what it is that motivates him to inflict this kind of permanent mutilative damage on children.

Peters, who self-identifies as “queer,” stated that one of his minor patients who had stopped going to school before undergoing transgender mutilation is “thriving all of the sudden” now that the child, a seeming female, had her breasts removed in order to become “trans.”

It is important to note here that OHSU is affiliated with Doernbecher Children’s Hospital, which runs a gender clinic whose director received a $3,114 payment from Endo Pharmaceuticals, which produces a pharmaceutical drug that is commonly used off-label as a puberty blocker in underage children.

In other words, these gender clinics that are popping up all over the place, including where Peters works, are receiving kickbacks from drug companies in exchange for doctors pushing their drugs on children who were bilked into mutilating their bodies in an attempt to become their “true selves.”

Two days after the pride event and panel featuring Peters, Nike is also planning to stage a “family friendly” drag story time, which will occur at Nike’s “inaugural Pride Community Fair, spotlighting local queer, women, and minority-owned businesses.”

“You will have an opportunity to cultivate an undeniable sense of community and belonging with your Nike teammates through activations like … a family friendly Drag Story Time,” an announcement about the July 13 event further reads.

Like Target, Nike is also pushing a whole new line of “gender-inclusive” apparel on children. The company is encouraging its employees to “join the Pride Network as we spotlight the pioneering gender-inclusive ‘Kids One Fit’ apparel,” at which attendees will “unpack the conversation of trans inclusion in sport with a special screening of ‘Changing the Game,’” a film that promotes the presence of male athletes in women’s sports.

Part of the so-called Pride Network also includes a section on “queer ecology” featuring a talk by “environmental educator Isaias Hernandez.” Queer ecology, as defined by the Pride Network, is “a field of scientific study that disrupts conventional binaries to create solutions for the climate action and future of sport.”

To keep up with the latest news about how multinational corporations like Nike are after your children, visit Evil.news.

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