(Natural News) Amid all the political insanity of the left these days with its focus on mutilating children and perverting the next generation, it is easy to lose sight of the fact that the right is really no better.

All across the American Midwest – and particularly in the states of South Dakota and Iowa – climate change cultists are buying Republican politicians and using them to steal private property from farmers and other landowners whose land is in the way of their new “carbon capture” schemes.

In case you have never heard of it before, carbon capture is a newfangled concept among the global warming crowd that aims to capture carbon dioxide (CO2) “pollution” and pipe it to underground storage facilities sometimes multiple states away.

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South Dakota seems to be ground zero for these carbon capture pipeline products, as is Iowa. And companies like Summit Carbon Solutions are leading the charge to steal land through eminent domain in order to build these carbon capture pipelines.

The right-wing political establishment in South Dakota, including Gov. Kristi Noem, takes donations from the carbon capture industry, which is abusing eminent domain laws to take people’s land and turn it into the latest segment of a new carbon capture pipeline.

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South Dakota farmer Jared Bossly won court case against carbon capture bullies trying to steal his land – SIGN THE PETITION to help dozens of others achieve similar victory

It might seem strange to think that conservatives are on the dole of special interest money from the “green” industry, of all things. After all, most of the climate change ballyhoo is presented as left-wing extremism on the surface – but underneath the surface, the right wing is promoting and profiting from it as well.

There are some non-establishment Republicans who are fighting against carbon capture pipelines, one group of them being the South Dakota Freedom Caucus. But the establishment Republican Party seems to be no better than the establishment Democrat Party when it comes to this kind of corruption.

There have also been some successes to report among local farmers, including fourth-generation family farmer Jared Bossly who was targeted by Summit Carbon Solutions. The company tried to steal Bossly’s land to build its carbon capture pipeline, but Judge Richard Sommers of Brown County ruled in his favor.

The land of dozens of other South Dakota farmers is still in the crosshairs for seizure, though. At least 80 other landowners in the state face similar eminent domain lawsuits filed against them by Summit Carbon Solutions – and they need our help.

The South Dakota Freedom Caucus has crafted a petition to help these farmers and any others under similar threat from having their land stolen by a private company via eminent domain, which is unlawful and unconstitutional.

“The Fifth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, states that the government may only exercise the power of eminent domain to take private property from citizens if they pay just compensation to the property owners and it is for the public use,” the petition states.

“The use of eminent domain by a private company is unconstitutional and unacceptable, let alone for something like carbon-dioxide sequestration, or the long-term storage of CO2 underground.”

The latest news about the “green” takeover of America can be found at GreenTyranny.news.

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