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(Natural News) Now that the general population has been dumbed down, forcibly isolated, and tyrannized into submission, the very government that inflicted all these horrors in the first place is presenting the “solution” in the form of even more tyranny.

Millions of Americans are now hopelessly lonely, according to reports. And the only way to fix it, according to the government, is to control from the top down every facet of social interactions by “building a social infrastructure.”

“Social infrastructure,” as defined by the globalists who came up with the term, means every aspect of community life, including housing, libraries, parks, recreation spaces, transportation systems, and the like.

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An 81-page report from United States Surgeon General Vivek Murthy states that the government needs to slither its tentacles into every crevice of the American social infrastructure so as to dictate how it functions in everyday life.

Densified housing, as one example, also known as the “15-minute city,” is one proposed “solution” to the loneliness crisis the government created. This includes the total abolishment of single-family housing and private vehicles, by the way.

“It will take all of us – individuals, families, schools, and workplaces, health care and public health systems, technology companies, governments, faith organizations, and communities – working together,” Murthy’s report states.

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The globalist overlords CREATED your loneliness, and now they want to “cure” it with more tyranny

By creating compact, government-controlled 15-minute cities, Big Brother will be able to lock everyone into artificially forced “communities,” leading to forced “relationships” among “diverse” residents clustered together from all around the world.

The massive federal infrastructure outlined in Murthy’s report will essentially force people into “social connections” that are unnatural, inorganic, and contrived – and you will not have any choice to opt out of such a nightmare.

“As described in the report, this would mean every institution, every governmental department, every volunteer association, every locality, every church, every faith community, every organization, every club, every service club, every sports league, and so on, would likely be assessed and ‘strengthened’ to promote social connection,” writes Stella Morabito for The Federalist.

Another new government “pillar” for society, as it is referred to in the report, includes the enaction of “pro-connection” public policies. According to the Biden regime, the federal government “has a responsibility to use its authority to monitor and mitigate the public health harm caused by policies, products, and services that drive social disconnection.”

To recreate the nation into a forced pro-connection society, Murthy and other Biden cronies are plotting the creation of new “cross-departmental leadership” entities whose job it will be “to develop and oversee an overarching social connection strategy.”

“Diversity, equity, inclusion, [DEI] and accessibility are critical components of any such strategy,” the report states.

In other words, Americans will be forced to intermingle with anyone and everyone placed in their 15-minute city, much like how concentration camp prisoners of the past were clustered into densely packed “housing” with strangers after being separated from their real families and neighbors.

Then we have the public health component of the government’s emerging plans for a new artificial pro-connection society. The creation of new “public health surveillance and interventions” will be necessary for the new American society to track, monitor, and ultimately control everyone’s interactions with doctors, for instance.

No longer will a person’s medical records be private; instead, they will be on full display for Big Brother to analyze and recreate, as necessary, to produce the new age pro-connection society that the Biden regime is now crafting and promoting.

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