(Natural News) The mRNA (messenger RNA) “vaccines” for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19), including those manufactured by Pfizer and Moderna, are loaded with toxins that contaminate human DNA, according to microbiologist Kevin McKernan, a former researcher and team leader for the MIT Human Genome project.

One major contaminant that McKernan identified is simian virus 40 (SV40) promoters, which are linked to mesotheliomas, lymphomas, and various cancers of the brain and bone.

SV40, by the way, is the same contaminant used in polio vaccines that a 2002 study published in The Lancer found causes non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, causing up to 50 percent of the 55,000 new cases of the disease that are diagnosed every single year.

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While the various testing methods McKernan used produced varying results in terms of the levels of contamination in each injection vial, he confirmed that all of them still showed contamination at levels well above the regulatory limits both in the United States and Europe.

Of all the samples tested, the one showing the highest contamination levels clocked in at 30 percent of the vial’s contents, which is simply astounding. (Related: The spike proteins in covid injections destroy the body’s DNA repair pathways, making it easier for cancer cells to grow, spread, and form deadly tumors.)

Are the DNA contaminants in COVID jabs altering the human genome and causing permanent, nonstop spike protein production in the body?

Dr. Steven E. Greer recently interviewed McKernan about his discoveries, the video of which is available at the Discern Report website. Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi also appears in the video to explain further details about what this DNA contamination means for recipients.

Both McKernan and Bhakdi make it clear in the video that SV40 is just one of many different contaminants found in covid injection vials. And according to Greer, governments and drug companies “have misled the world to a far greater extent than previously known” concerning the hidden presence of these contaminants.

One really scary possibility with all this is the strong likelihood that most of the people getting injected with these contaminants are undergoing human genome changes. Not only that, but their bodies are likely now producing a constant, never-ending stream of deadly spike proteins that “trigger the immune system to attack its own cells.”

In essence, according to McKernan, people who get jabbed for COVID are undergoing genetic modification, meaning they have become walking, talking GMOs riddled with autoimmune diseases that can never be cured.

“As explained by McKernan, when using a typical PCR test, you’ll be considered positive if the test detects the SARS-CoV-2 virus using a cycle threshold (CT) of about 40,” further wrote Dr. Joseph Mercola about the findings. “In comparison, the DNA contamination is detected at CTs below 20.”

“That means the contamination is a million-fold greater than the amount of virus you’d need to have in order to test positive for COVID. ‘So, there’s an enormous difference here with regards to the amount of material that’s in there,’ McKernan says.”

There is a chance, though very small, that this is all just accidental due to poor quality control. Perhaps drug giants like Pfizer and Moderna simply rushed these things into production and release them at warp speed, failing in the process to cleanse the final solutions of contaminants.

A worse prospect is the possibility that all this DNA contamination is intentional as part of a genocidal campaign to depopulate the planet through “medicine.” What do you think?

Keep in mind that Pfizer admitted to the European Medicines Agency (EMA) that it know about double-stranded DNA contamination in its COVID jab vials, but unleashed them anyway because there was a lot of profit to be made from them.

The latest news about deadly COVID injections can be found at Vaccines.news.

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