I was talking to a neighbor a couple of days ago and she didn’t even know what Memorial Day celebrates. I thought to myself “I wonder how many there are like her in America?” and did some quick research. Would you believe that 57% of Americans don’t fully understand, or understand at all, what we are celebrating today? It’s just one poll but it’s still quite alarming. More on that poll in a minute. First let’s start with a beautiful tribute I found on YouTube:

I am back home in the Ozarks of Missouri now and about 10 miles from my new abode is a cemetary that will be full of flowers, crosses, and wreaths this weekend. My grandfather is buried there (World War I), My uncle is buried there (World War II). My cousin is buried there (Vietnam) and one of my greatest joys was always to lay flowers upon their graves on Memorial Day.

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However, I am just as guilty as some. Yes I know what Memorial Day is but it is not really about those who fougnt and lived. We have another holiday for that called Veteran’s Day. I just did that anyway because I honor my family any time I can. Memorial Day is specifically about those who fought and DIED in battle. Like many, I understand but simply use it as a yearly excuse to honor the proud heritage of my family.

The following is a little shocking to me and is from a recent article that appeared in Inside Nova:

Do Americans know why we celebrate Memorial Day?

Less than half of Americans know the true meaning behind Memorial Day, according to a new survey.

The survey of 2,000 Americans revealed just 43% were aware it’s a holiday honoring those who died in service while in the U.S. Armed Forces.

Twenty-eight percent mistakenly believed Memorial Day was a holiday honoring all military veterans who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces — which is actually Veterans Day.

It was revealed to be a common mistake: A third of respondents (36%) admitted to being unsure of the difference between Memorial Day and Veterans Day.

Conducted by OnePoll on behalf of University of Phoenix, the survey tested Americans on their knowledge of the upcoming holiday, which, this year, falls on Monday, May 29.

That’s news to some respondents: The survey found less than half (46%) of respondents knew Memorial Day is celebrated on the last Monday of May.

Read the rest here…

Since 57% don’t understand the meaning I can’t assume that even all of my regular readers know the true meaning of Memorial Day. I would love it if you would forward this to your friends and family. If you want to act like the smart one, be my guest. I am not a smart man. LOL But I do know my Christian and National Holidays quite well. I have missed a few but every year I try very hard to hit all of the National Military Holidays. This year I’m taking a bit of a different route because honestly I had no idea people didn’t even know why they have Monday off. My new neighbor woke me up to that.

Why in the hell aren’t they teaching this stuff in schools anymore?

Oh yeah it’s the takeover of our education system. They ignore the things that matter most to guys like me. God, Family and Country. They have to teach our kids that being gay is cool and get them on board with the New Liberal World Order. I can’t even understand their “common core” methods so I have to teach my kids things in the way that I learned them, 40 years ago. LOL There is no respect for truth in today’s schools. They have their agenda and I have mine.

I learned from my Dad, who was a 9th grade dropout, the importance of honoring those who fought and died for us. He taught me to shake every soldier’s hand and tell them “Thank You for your service.” That’s very old school and doesn’t happen enough anymore.

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People don’t quite seem to grasp the idea that all of our freedoms came from brave men and women who answered the call that we may not have answered ourselves.

One of my favorite movies of all time is The Patriot. I play this video often these days.

Yes my music is a bit loud for most of my readers but I think it’s vital to understand how this country came to be free. I’m also trying to figure out how to get those “patriots” around me to realize that we will have to fight again to restore our freedom. I can’t speak for anyone else but I refuse to die a slave to a government that started out of purity and became corrupt. Open your eyes my friends. We have as much reason to fight now as they did then, if not more.

Britain was trying in the 1700s to rule us from afar. In 2023 the multi-headed-devil is within our own government. Why shouldn’t we fight?

Oh yeah I forgot you’ve got to watch that big TV show today and your schedule is all booked up for weeks with sitcoms, video games, beer, legal weed and whatever… Lives were lost to give you that comfy lifestyle and you should just enjoy it and sit on your lazy ass so that future generations have nothing. That’s not your problem.

Some wars were fought for riches and political gain and others were fought for freedom. I’m telling you that your freedom is at risk in 2023 and if you can’t understand that you are part of the problem.

For those who will give me about 3 hours to watch a couple of videos, please read this article:

What in the hell do those videos have to do with Memorial Day? In a day where MOST governments turning against their own people those 2 videos mean everything. Someday we may have holidays to celebrate victims that died, unknowingly, at the hands of their own government, i.e. Covid Vaccine Victims

My personal promise is to seek vengeance against those who killed my brothers and sisters but we will see how that turns out. God Bless you ALL. Today we remember those who fought and died for you and me. This is their day. Their sacrifice needs to be remembered always but it’s hard to make that happen in the land of the brainwashed.

I’m trying to keep going folks but for those who don’t know, I’m disabled. I do get a monthly check but it’s not a lot. I’ve not made a single dime from my sites in 2023 because expenses are overriding revenue. I have received $700 in donations in 2023. If you’d like to send a donation to help a disabled man with 4 small kids (11, 9, 9 and 6) it would be much appreciated. Dean Garrison, 1509 Twin Hills Dr. Apt. C, Monett, MO 65708. If you can’t I totally understand and prayers are always much appreciated. I do love you all and will fight for you until God decides to take me home. That is a promise that I’m trying very hard to keep. I once ran 2 of the top political websites in the world. Today that is no longer my reality but I believe the fight is only lost if I quit. So yes I do appreciate thoughts are prayers. Your friend Deand has a new saying. I am disabled but not dead.