(Natural News) Fifty years ago, gayness was mostly rejected in America. There were no couples on television shows or movies who could outright say they were gay. Cross-dressers were simply that, and the men weren’t referred to as women, nor those women as men. It was just a gay person dressing up and pretending they were the other gender. Everyone knew it was just acting, not biological or permanent, by any means.

Today, if you pretend to be the other gender and someone mistakenly calls you what you really are, that person can lose their job and get banned on all social media accounts for their “hate speech” and “hate crimes” (even though they really did nothing wrong at all). And today, people who are gender-confused or gender-unhappy get destructive and dangerous surgery so they can pretend they are the other gender, not realizing all the ways it can go horribly wrong. This is a major problem.

Kids and teens think it’s normal to take gender-bender drugs and get top and bottom surgery

The demented Obama and Biden regimes have pushed heavily for everyone in America to think about sex, sexual identity, sexual partners and perverted acts all day, instead of what really matters, like ethics, morals, health and safety. The term “liberal” has become a dirty word these days, meaning you are atheist or agnostic, hate your gender and discriminate against all people who don’t feel the way you do about gender fluidity.

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Psychologists and psychiatrists are almost all on board with pushing kids, teens and young adults into believing it’s normal to pursue gender change through irreversible surgery and high-cancer-risk hormone “therapy.” Many parents are losing complete control of their influence over their own children, as social media and Leftist institutions are brainwashing toddlers, kids and teens into a sexually perverted world of tranny everything, Drag Queen Story Hour and tranny freak shows at the schools and daycare centers.

Bottom surgery means a child, teen or adult gets their penis or clitoris removed, often leaving them with no libido, urination problems, erectile dysfunction, horrific scars and deep-seeded regret. This can lead to chronic depression, anxiety, thoughts of suicide, suicide and even mass homicide, as we see these folks now are often the “mass shooters” at schools and shopping malls.

Also, the medical centers, hospitals, doctors, surgeons and universities that push for these youth to get the massively expensive gender-bender surgeries make a fortune off them, so their motives for pushing the trans-everything movement are sinister, selfish and morally corrupt.

Here are the top 11 ways gender-bender surgery and hormone “therapy” go horribly wrong quite often

#1. The surgery goes horribly wrong and you’re left with NO libido at all, permanently.

#2. You decide later you want to switch back, but can’t because the surgery is irreversible.

#3. You have horrific scars that make you feel unattractive and damaged.

#4. The hormone treatments wind up giving you cancer.

#5. You have problems urinating for the rest of your life.

#6. The doctors conned and coerced you into it as a child or adolescent and now you realize it was criminal of them and you can’t undo it.

#7. Social media brainwashed you into it and now you suffer from depression and anxiety.

#8. The surgery destroys your ability to procreate (chemical castration or infertility).

#9. You realize you’ve wasted tens (or even hundreds) of thousands of dollars to pretend you switched genders.

#10. You wind up blind and with brain damage from the drugs (side effect of puberty blockers).

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#11. You get a fatal infection from the gender-bending drugs.

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