I’ve been trying to wake people up from my kitchen table for a while now. I’m ready to fight and take this world back for God’s people.

Did I ever tell you that I spent three years in a seminary? Of course I did. But the problem with Catholic schools is we don’t learn The Bible as well as most Christians. Yes I have read the bible cover to cover. I’ve done that twice in fact. But Catholic’s usually can’t quote Bible verses as well as most Christians. Now that I’m non-denominational Christian I often feel like I don’t fit in with other Christians. I’m like a fish out of water, so to speak. For that reason I never feel worthy to write about Christianity but try anyway.

So bear with me because I’m going to try to let God’s word teach you today, while I try to stay out of His way, and I’ve got so much to learn as well.

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As we spiral toward apocalypse (see part one) with planet earth no longer being able to support billions I am frustrated. Why? Because stupid Dean calls himself “Christian” but I feel like the bible quoting “Christians” have it wrong. I feel like it is our responsibiliy to fight against world governments that have ruined the planet and are killing people with manufactured diseases. I feel like I want to FIGHT.

Other Christians keep telling me stuff like “God’s got this” and “I know where I’m going.”

I tell them two things.

1- By my recollection God always has some help: Noah and the flood… Moses and The Exodus… Jesus and our salvation… etc.

2- Jesus told us the two greatest commandments and one of them is about loving your neighbor as yourself. Even a Bible illiterate fool knows that.

Look around. If you look at the science you will find that the world God made is on life support (see part 1 above). You might be going to heaven when the world is no more in 2-3 years (scientists are saying that, not me) but what about your neighbors?

If you love God above all then are you simply willing to let them destroy His planet that He made for YOU?

And furthermore isn’t it a bit selfish to NOT care about your neighbor now that we inch closer to planetary collapse?

You know where you’re going. I get that but not sure it’s true if you are oblivious to the second greatest commandment of loving your neighbor as you love yourself.

I’m a bit psycho at times but I think God needs help. Billions of souls will be lost if we give up on our neighbors. No I’m not afraid to die but I am afraid that if I don’t keep fighting for you I will go downstairs.

So you know where you’re going? All I can say is I hope you’re right because I don’t see that as loving your neighbor much. But God will sort it out. To me loving my neighbor means fighting for them til my last breath. I’m disabled but not dead. 

I’m just an average Joe but it seems to me like God sent guys like Noah and Moses and Jesus Christ to fight for me and YOU. I’m not chosen but I’m kind of shouting “…pick me, pick me Lord. Yes I’m disabled but I still want to fight for what’s right.”

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“Nah Dean you’re wrong. Stop trippin. God’s got this.”

I think memorizing The Bible has gone to some people’s heads. Knowing the words and understanding them are two different things. Do you really think God likes you saying, “I know where I’m going” without even thinking about where you’re neighbor is going?

I don’t but we shall see.

I stopped calling myself Republican years ago and I’m almost embarrassed to call myself “Christian” today with what other “Christians” are showing me.

Enough of my unqualified rant. Let’s get back to the experts. From Rethinknow.org

The great commandment is a term that is used to describe what Jesus says in Matthew 22:36-40Mark 12:28-34, and Luke 10:27. In these accounts Jesus is asked what the most important thing for people of God to do. His answer is brilliant. 

In essence what Jesus does is distill the entire Bible into one commandment. Well, really it’s two commandments combined into one. More on that later. 

Read it all here…


I can’t interpret for you unless you need it in Latin, but it’s pretty clear to me. If you disagree that is certainly your right to do so. I just happen to think you’re wrong. The good news is that’s not my decision.

Are you wrong if you don’t try to step in and save God’s planet and it’s inhabitants now? I’m not qualified to tell you that you are but it’s God’s planet (made for YOU) and it belongs to your neighbors too (who you should love as yourself).

I’m rambling, as I always do, but I feel very strongly about this. I have a good friend named Gary who seems more “Christian” to me than most of my Christian friends. Gary is atheist.

Funny how that works. But if you had to put your trust in Gary or Dean, even I would tell you to trust Gary.

Still in the spirit of David v. Goliath I am betting on myself. In the old days DC Clothesline and DC Dirty Laundry were both ranked higher for traffic than all but 3 national newspapers… New York Times, LA Times and Chicago Tribune.

So if David won with a sling and a stone, I’m betting my 9mm gives me a snowball’s chance. If I’m going to hell it won’t be because I didn’t want to fight for my neighbor. It will probably be a culmination of all the other terrible stuff I’ve done in my life. 🙁

No I’m not really kissing that gun. I don’t do that. Dean uses his tongue to gently lubricate it. LOL And on a side note I still suck at selfies. My eyes are back but seeing and taking selfies are two things I’m not used to doing well.

God – Family – Country (and disabled guys are allowed guns)

I’m crazy but I do love you all. God Bless my huge and beautiful family.

I’d like to buy you dinner but times is tough yo. I haven’t actually made a dime this year except for $300 in donations. Yeah those ads simply cover my cost of sending emails and notifications to my readers, plus hosting costs to keep my sites running. LOL Yes I’m insane… But remember I made $10,000 in a single month blind. Eyes are overrated it would seem. Even blind I think I saw more truth than most ever will.

If you’d like to send a donation to help an OLD disabled man (54) with 4 small kids (11, 9, 9 and 6) it would be much appreciated. Dean Garrison, 1509 Twin Hills Dr. Apt. C, Monett, MO 65708.

Again I know times are hard for everyone so prayers are quite sufficient, if you can’t afford a donation. I totally get it. I’ll fight til my last breath for you all. You are my brothers and sisters and I love you.