(Natural News) Democrats have proven once again that a) they don’t really care about solving the root causes of violent crime; and b) they are every bit the authoritarians that our founders warned us about (and fought to be free of).

First, a little propaganda and outright false ‘reporting’ from The Associated Press:

A ban on dozens of semi-automatic rifles cleared the Washington state Legislature on Wednesday and the governor is expected to sign it into law.

The high-powered firearms — once banned nationwide — are now the weapon of choice among young men responsible for most of the country’s devastating mass shootings.

The vast majority of mass shootings occur almost daily in our largest cities, which — by the way — are run by Democrats. Also, the vast majority of shootings and mass killings are done with handguns, not scary military look-alike rifles. Now, here’s a more accurate statement: “The high-powered firearms — once banned nationwide — are now the weapon of choice among young men responsible for most of the country’s politicized mass shootings.”

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Washington’s ban comes following numerous unsuccessful efforts in the state’s legislature and during a time when the nation has witnessed the largest number of mass shootings in the first 100 days of a calendar year since 2009, the year Barack Obama took over.

It should also be said that the shootings coincide with the fact that rampant levels of violent crime are at their highest (in Democrat-run cities) since the same period.

Over 50 gun models, including AR-15s, AK-47s, and comparable style rifles, would be prohibited from being sold, distributed, manufactured, and imported under the new Washington law. These firearms have a firing rate of one bullet per trigger pull and can automatically reload for subsequent shots. However, exemptions for sales to law enforcement agencies and the military in Washington have been incorporated. The law does not prevent individuals who already possess these weapons from keeping them, the AP reported.

As soon as it is signed by the Democratic Governor Jay Inslee, who has been a longstanding supporter of such a ban, the law would take effect immediately. In March, when the state House passed the bill, Inslee stated that he has held this belief since 1994 when he was a member of the U.S. Congress and voted in favor of enacting the ban as a federal law.

After the measure’s passage, Inslee said the state of Washington “will not accept gun violence as normal.”

Republican state legislators objected to the ban, with some asserting that school shootings should be tackled by modifying buildings to make them less attractive targets, while others argued that it encroaches on people’s right to self-defense.

“HB 1240 clearly violates our state and federal constitutions, which is why it will end up in court immediately,” Sen. Lynda Wilson (R) of Vancouver said, according to the AP.

The possibility of the U.S. Congress reinstating a ban on semi-automatic rifles seems remote at the moment. However, President Joe Biden and other Democrats have become more assertive in advocating for more stringent gun control measures and are doing so without facing any apparent electoral repercussions, the AP said, without mentioning that’s because they live in solid-blue districts.

“Nine states including California, New York and Massachusetts, along with the District of Columbia, have already passed similar bans, and the laws have been upheld as constitutional by the courts, according to Washington’s Attorney General Bob Ferguson,” the AP added — but none of those cases have made it as far as the U.S. Supreme Court, which holds a 6-3 constitutionalist majority.

As usual, Democrats are playing on emotions to get approval for their unconstitutional anti-gun actions — without ever bothering to delve into the root causes of many of these shootings, a primary cause of which is mental illness.

No, it’s always preferable for a tyrannical Democrat to choose authoritarianism over constitutionality and practicality.

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