(Natural News) Through smart phones, mass media, social media, TV, movies, and advertising, much of what humans think about all day and night is manipulated and controlled. Most purchases and perceived “choices” Americans make are heavily influenced and even coerced by corporate scripts, sales tricks, persuasive marketing, and complex algorithms. Now, with the development of artificial intelligence (AI), a new age of power and control has landed in the laps of Big Tech, Big Media and Big Government. Robots are beginning to take over the thoughts, actions, and decisions that humans used to make, and this includes for the military, manufacturing, and service sectors of the nation. So then, what comes next? Post-apocalyptic Netflix movie Jung_E features AI militarized clones weaponized against humanity and completely controlled by the evil government.

A new movie aired on Netflix recently called Jung_E, a South Korean science fiction film whose star actor, Kang Soo-yeon, died just before its release this January. The setting is a futuristic, post-apocalyptic Earth, not too different from the Terminator movie series, where technology runs the planet, and humans are forced to live under constant attack from the tyrannical government, called the Adrian Republic, that has weaponized artificial intelligence to clone humans who were the best soldiers.


Futuristic movie Jung_E glorifies artificial intelligence so humans will support their own future enslavement by computers and robots

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Pushing the climate change hoax (rising sea levels) and actual planned “resource depletion” themes, the Netflix movie Jung_E is set in the future year 2194, where Earth and its inhabitants are in complete desolation and under constant attack from the AI technology and forces of the tyrannical regime in control. The so-called “allied forces” had a legendary rebel soldier, Captain Yun Jung-yi, who sacrifices her mind and body to become a AI military clone, in trade for funds to save her little daughter from dying from a lung tumor.

Of course, the girl lives, and 35 years later has to watch her mother become an AI military clone to help fight the “sky-net” style forces of the evil government. Emotions run high. Researchers at the AI lab have copied Jung-yi’s brain data and put it in android bodies. The catch is that anyone who sells their brain and body to the Republic signs off that it can be cloned indefinitely, and as many times as needed. All rights are forfeited, just as the globalists would have it.

The new clones are tortured physically in the labs to make sure they can react to combat casualties and still function. The new clones are also abused and used as sex toys by humans in the movie.

Hollywood and the Globalists want everyone to support AI-everything to destroy the Republic and control the populace once and for all

Artificial systems and products target the weak, the naïve, and the controllable masses. Today, we are seeing this develop across all spectrums, from media (think search engines and censoring of conservative and liberty-minded voices) to food, medical equipment, viruses, and environments. Most of these systems take time off of life expectancy for humans. Artificial immunity is coming from the Covid gene-mutating injections (“vaccines”), that weaken the patient’s immune system further with each jab and booster.

Artificial food is being promoted heavily, where fake food stuff and junk science meat is created in laboratories that causes cancer is and is void of nutrition. Genetically modified crops are given genes from poisonous insects and toxic plants, and CRISPR technology removes gene segments to mutate other crops and produce. Artificial “medicine” is being made using snake venom that causes horrific side effects in humans.

Work environments are often artificial, where people are forced to work “virtually” all day, and students stare into a smart device to get a warped and useless “education.” Other humans work surrounded by cement walls, carpeted floors, and no windows, where they breathe in chemical pollutants and do medial jobs that robots will soon take over.

Self-driving cars are crashing right and left. Pace-makers are being installed in people’s hearts that have been ruined by the Covid clot shots. In some countries, people are already letting their rogue governments install micro-chips in their wrists and hands so they can access buildings, rooms, and pay for their groceries without cash or credit card.

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