(Natural News) Things got out of control in Joe Biden’s America this week after a fight broke out behind an Austin-area HEB grocery store.

Reports indicate that an angry mob was gathered around a dumpster at the William Cannon and I-35 location in South Austin following a power outage that resulted in meat and other perishables having to be tossed.

One person caught wind of the food throwaway and posted about it on social media. This resulted in a mob showing up to fight over the food, which in Biden’s America is now more expensive than ever.

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More than 250 people showed up around the dumpster, according to Travis County Precinct 4 Constable George Morales. Deputies and Austin police had to come break up the fight and mitigate traffic.

Some of the collected groceries taken from the dumpster were posted to various “Free in Austin” pages on Facebook, which garnered even more attention and attendance at the parking lot melee.

Morales warned the public that any free food items collected from the dumpster must be thrown away rather than eaten because he says they are “unsafe.”

Austin promotes dumpster living in tiny pack-and-stack units

Austin is known for being “weird,” which makes the HEB incident unsurprising. In recent years, the left-leaning central Texas city has de-funded its police department; hosted a Marxist “Red Guards Austin” event, as well as numerous Antifa gatherings; and banned Uber and Lyft.

Austin is also experimenting with tiny apartments designed by a professor who lived in an actual dumpster – much like the one at HEB that was raided by hundreds of angry, hungry consumers.

The “ultra-compact” pack-and-stack apartments appearing all across Austin are as small as 200 square feet per unit, we are told. These “prefabricated stackable apartments” first started appearing in vacant parking lots in downtown Austin and have since spread to other parts of the city.

Because Austin is a high-rent district of Texas, many residents are no longer able to afford proper housing. Consequently, some of them are moving into dumpster condos that cost around $600 per month – this is a 2015 price figure that has likely increased since.

“We are Venezuela now,” wrote a commenter about the United States as a whole.

“Dystopia – citizens digging in garbage for food while foreign invaders are housed and fed in luxury hotels,” wrote another about how backwards everything has become.

“Yep, and Ukraine has already been given over $100 billion,” responded another about how American taxpayers are being forced to pay for Volodymyr Zelensky’s grandiose lifestyle while American taxpayers themselves are forced to dig through grocery store dumpsters in search of food.

Many other commenters wrote that they either currently or used to live in Austin and have watched the city go from being cool and quirky to becoming a left-wing hellhole of homelessness, drug addiction, and crime.

“It’s too bad Americans have to dumpster dive to feed themselves while illegal aliens are getting room service,” another one of them said.

Another predicts widespread economic turmoil spreading across the entire country this year, which will probably result in more dumpster diving incidents like this occurring in many other American cities in the coming weeks and months.

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“Forty years ago, Austin was quite a different place,” said someone else. “My family used to spend every spring break in the 80s with my great aunt and uncle who lived there. They had a big, beautiful home, were retired, and loved company. They took us to all the local sights. I strongly considered attending UT and living with them. Austin’s descent makes me sad.”

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