I’m the idiot and I have told you many times that I have an ego. I just got my monthly revenue report and it’s about $180 for last month. If I work 6 hours a day that’s a whopping $1 an hour. LOL And I probably do work about 6 hours a day and I work every day folks. I try to take off Christmas, Easter and July 4th each year. Today I want to tell you why I’m not going to quit despite making about $1 an hour for last month. Am I insane? Yes maybe I am but I’ll leave that for you to decide but I’m not going to change.

I do what I do for God, Family and Country (in that order).

A little over a year and a half ago I had a good $10,000 month. I was blind and simply just reprinting other people’s articles with some help from my kids. I could see partially out of one eye but often needed help reading the smaller print. I was probably working less hours back then. Things were good.

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The kids were awesome but my wife didn’t like that I was using them for maybe an hour a day to help. But they helped me earn $10,000 in one month and they saw the rewards of that. I’ve never been one to spend money on myself much. The money goes to my family and other’s who need it, when I can help. But in my mind, my websites help others even if I can’t give them financial help. That is part of why I started and part of why I can’t quit.

Again, in my own warped way, I do it all for God, Family and Country…


God has to always come first. I, like many people, often forget that and have been making more of an effort lately to try to help people understand His love for all of us. Here are a couple of recent examples of me trying to help spread His love for ALL of us:

Note: The links to articles, in THIS article, open in new windows or tabs so please feel free to open them and keep reading.

Folks I’m a former Catholic so it’s really hard for me to write about God, when I feel like I am less educated in scripture than most of my Christian readers. But, I am trying to do more and more to wake people up to the FACT that God is the only One that can really save America. I can’t. My ego sometimes tells me I can but… All I can do is help as much as I humanly can. If we ALL do our part then America will eventually turn away from the fake lives most of us live and back to God. How can any of us give up on that? I can’t.


I am one of those people who has not often met someone I don’t love and consider to be extended family. So, of course, my kids are my first priority but I am doing all this for YOU and YOUR family too. I tend to get out of balance often and put family before God, but… I look at it more like a delicate balancing act.

God rules the roost. He is the only One who can really take care of my family (again including YOU). So I think He cuts me some slack folks. We are ALL His children so I think it’s OK that I’m a bit out of balance at times. I am very out of balance now because I haven’t seen my own kids in over a year and I’m trying desperately to get enough money to pay my lawyers. Yes the kids will be with me but I have to find $1000 that I don’t have in about a month to finish paying my lawyers. That’s another reason I’m still working. I have disability coming but without my kids with me it seems a hollow victory at best.

Prayers are always appreciated and I pray for all of you often, though not many of you individually. I’m human. LOL

Many of my friends don’t understand me but my soon to be ex-wife is still part of my family and I don’t want those kids to have one parent but it looks like that’s the only way. I’ve written about that too lately. Here are a couple of well-researched articles I wrote about single moms:

Yes I do my research and pray often to ask God for answers. That’s maybe where part of my ego comes from. I can’t stand to argue with someone who gets their info from FAKE news sources like CNN and Fox. I hope people someday wake up to the FACT that these networks tell you what THEY WANT you to hear and not what YOU NEED to hear.

We live inside a real matrix folks. Many of us are still fighting but most of us have thrown in the towel and are simply going with the flow. America has already fallen in many ways and we have to keep fighting to bring national pride back.


Yes I have for many years written more about Country than God or Family. But they all tie together and we all need to understand that. Our country is in serious trouble and that effects both God and Family. Understand? The thing is I often feature bombshell articles that even lesser conservative networks won’t cover. Are they scared? I don’t think that’s the case as much as this… There is only one party in America now with two wings. The totally evil wing and the partially evil wing. So even when we watch “conservative” news networks, it’s not the same as it was 10 or 20 years ago.

With everything else going on. Many or most of us still know that Trump won the election but conservative news sites only give that an occasional mention, if at all. Today’s bombshell is more important than the biggest bombshell in American history — a stolen election!!!

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Why is one guy with a cheap laptop reporting stories that bigger conservative outlets, worth millions, are not?

The answer to that is both frightening and nauseating. I will continue to do my best for YOU my readers. Because when I do it for YOU, I am also doing it for God, Family and Country. And myself… 🙂

I am disabled and assuming I can get the money to pay my attorneys I will have enough money to support my kids for the rest of my life.

But I can’t just sit on my butt and do nothing. Why?

We can not quit until the battle is won. When you quit fighting, you quit living. You become just another zombie taking up my air, and I need air. 😉

Disagree? Go bury yourself in your distractions of choice because the rest of us will fight to save you and your family too. Why? Because it’s the right thing to do. We need no other reason.

Dean Garrison is the publisher of DC Clothesline and DC Dirty Laundry. Follow him on GABGETTR and Truth Social. He is permanently banned from Twitter and suspended, more often than NOT, from Facebook. LOL Please feel free to reprint this article in part or full. Dean is trying to resurrect his career after 2 years of blindness. His eyes are fixed but his web traffic and income are NOT. If you can help by sharing articles it would be much appreciated. Prayers are always appreciated too. If you can afford it, I would also be grateful for donations, large or small. I am blocked, because of politics, by ALL major donation websites. So if you have a donation please send it to me directly by snail mail: Dean Garrison, 109 Martha Street, DuBois, NE 68345. God Bless you ALL and God Bless America. We The People will win, or we will die trying!