Are you serious Dean? A movie review is on top today? Yes it is. This movie can change your life for the better. Learning the latest about the scamdemic or hearing about China and Russia is all important news. But our bodies and minds are far less important than our souls, in my humble opinion. Pssst… I’m not a humble man. Did I fake it well enough for you to believe it? 😉 The stone cold truth is this folks… Unless Americans find the humility, strength and trust to let God lead again, nothing is going to get better. Period.

My health is NOT the greatest and every day it becomes harder for me to write anything that could possibly help YOU, or anyone else. Yes, I have an ego but I also have GOD and He has told me over and over that I must keep going for His people. I love you ALL and the movie I’m about to tell you about has made me a better person today than I was yesterday. For that reason alone it gets 5 STARS. Watch it and let the same miracle happen for YOU.

The movie is a true story adapted for TV called My Brothers’ Crossing.

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Here is a quick synopsis from

My Brothers’ Crossing is the true story about a tragic accident that happened in August 2015. In remote southwest Virginia, during the time when we were experiencing riots and racial hate crimes, an African-American man is involved in a horrific accident which claims the lives of Bobby and Pam Clark–a caucasian couple. What followed was a community rising up, blind to our different heritages, to heal and show incredible forgiveness in the wake of this tragedy.

Psst… I had to retype that because has one of those “copy and paste” blockers. LOL Don’t think for a minute that I didn’t almost throw in the towel. I’m human. But God is telling me, “Dean this story has to be told. Toughen up my son.”

I am not the best Christian man. But this story is more important to share than the latest covid scamdemic news, Russian propaganda or whatever he or she said today in DC. This is real life without the FAKE drama of politics. So please understand that I am trying to tell you that you have to see this movie. Stupid PureFlix can’t pay me for this review because I am blocked by the payment system they use. That makes it even better. I won’t make a dime for this but at least you can trust me when I tell you that you have to see this movie. The truth is much more entertaining than fiction folks.

Roll the trailer…

In my opinion the trailer sucks. LOL This movie had me totally emersed for about 90 minutes. Again… below average actors, not the greatest production, etc. But it’s a true story about how God works miracles and I could not stop watching. I was up til 430AM to make sure I finished it.

So with low budget actors and production how can I possibly give this movie 5 stars? The dude who wrote this story is God and He works miracles every day folks. How could I not give this 5 Stars? Giving less than 5 stars to an amazing true story inspired by God is like one step closer to going downstairs and I don’t belong down there, and neither do you.

The trailer is not the greatest but let me show you the real JT Clark who was a man that found God through losing his brother. Fast forward about 15-20 minutes in if you want to skip the praise music and just listen to JT tell you about a real life miracle. This guy barely acknowledged God before losing his brother. God worked through Him to help the black pastor that inadvertently killed his brother and God chose JT to become a minister and help spread His truth.

And you say you don’t believe in miracles? We witness them every day and JT Clark is just more proof. Again it’s 15 or 20 minutes before JT speaks, if you want to fast-forward.

If you have PureFlix, or want to order it, you should definitely check this movie out. Tell them Dean Garrison sent you and qualify to pay double. Pssst… It would be best not to mention my name. PureFlix is great but they are using payment processors that block conservative Christians like me who would love to promote them.

So yeah I’m selfish but honest. I won’t make a dime if you do but you should definitely see this movie. God gives it 5 stars so SHUT UP DEAN and keep your opinions to yourself. @#$^&$^&$Stupid$%@!!!PureFlix 😉

Guys and gals. I am no JT Clark but I love you ALL very much. I am on disability now but, my lawyers need another $5000 by December 1st so I can get my kiddos back, I have about $3000. So I’m praying for a miracle and trying to facilitate God’s miracle as best I can. That’s all any of us can do. If we do our part, God will do His. God Bless You ALL.

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