(Natural News) Child predators and transgender activists are infiltrating the internet, the education system and the medical system, brainwashing kids with perverse, self-destructive material that is designed to strip adolescents of their identities, poison their physiologies and mutilate their bodies.

A new report from the New York Times, warns that breast amputations are “exploding” at newly-erected “gender-expansive” clinics. These predatory gender-bending clinics have multiplied like cancer over the past decade. In just ten years, a few controversial gender-bending facilities expanded to more than 200 fully-accredited medical facilities across North America. These clinics have given rise to a new industry, one that profits from the destruction of adolescent minds and bodies, one that tortures adolescent identity and soul.

Young girls being brainwashed to undergo double mastectomies, denounce their identity

According to the report, double mastectomies are carelessly being used on children to affirm their dysphoria about their appearance. For example, the Kaiser Permanente Oakland Medical Center in California performed 70 of these surgeries on teenagers in 2019. In 2013, the “medical center” performed five of these sadistic surgeries on teenagers.

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This clinic, like many others across America, preys on adolescents who are dissatisfied with their appearance or feel a certain way about their body. Instead of addressing the underlying psychological, social, hormonal and/or spiritual issues that the adolescent faces, the clinic goes straight to hormonal castration, dysphoria affirmation, and then finally amputation and other forms of bodily mutilation and identity denigration. The adolescent who presents confusion about their appearance or feelings is quickly seen as a suicide risk that must be affirmed in their urges and delusions. The mandated solution is to further the adolescent’s confusion with cross-sex hormones and then cut off their body parts as if these organs are the source of the pain and distress.

While there are “no official statistics on how many minors receive double mastectomy ‘transgender top surgeries’ each year in the U.S., the numbers that are available indicate that such operations have skyrocketed over the past few years,” the New York Times recently reported.

The predatory brainwashing of youth has caused young people to denounce their ‘birth gender’ at an alarming rate. In 2017, approximately 350,000 youth identified as transgender. By 2020, that number had doubled, according to the Williams Institute. A “chest reconstruction” is a big money maker for these clinics. According to Dr. Shayne Sebold Taylor at the VUMC’s Clinic for Transgender Health, it costs roughly $40,000 per patient to have their chest transitioned from a female appearance to a male appearance.

Social media, peer pressure drive adolescents into predatory clinics, leading to permanent physical damage and regret

In 2018, Dr. Lisa Littman published a study on the rapid onset of gender dysphoria in America. Up to 86.7% of parents dealing with a gender-dysphoric teenager report that the gender dysphoria began with an increase in internet/social media usage or through peer influence pressuring them to accept transgenderism as normal. Many of these young people go on to regret any attempt at a gender transition because the synthetic hormones and castration never deal with the underlying emotional distress or trauma they may have faced in their adolescence.

Doctors continue to facilitate these mastectomies on minors, without any legal repercussions. In the case of Grace Lidinsky-Smith, doctors performed a “top surgery” on her at the age of 23. She “de-transitioned” about sixteen months later and explained that the entire surgery was “a mistake born out of a mental health crisis.”

In the case of Jalisa Vine, doctors performed gender surgeries to cover up her trauma. She eventually realized that the surgeries ruined her life. In an interview, she explained, “The majority of my life so far has been a trauma response. My whole identity has been rooted in trauma…My transition was a trauma response.”

The child predators at these gender-bending clinics use an adolescent’s trauma against them, to profit off their body and abuse them for life.

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