(Natural News) Pinkwashing is a form of marketing by supposed “anti-cancer” organizations who use pink ribbons and logos everywhere to raise funds that usually pay exorbitant salaries of those running the “show.” The saddest part is that most of the corporate-run ‘foundations’ promote cancer treatments and screenings that actually cause cancer and spread cancer, so what good is it all? Let’s dial it back a bit and take an inside look. First off, Breast Cancer Awareness Month began in 1985 as a partnership between the American Cancer Society and the pharmaceutical division of Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI).

Chemical companies like ICI and IG Farben manufacture products that cause cancer, like pesticides, chemotherapy, and toxic fertilizers

Chemical companies that supposedly support cancer drives and cancer “cures” are quite hypocritical in their so-called efforts, but most people don’t know the sordid history, so they have no clue, and give away their hard-earned money for the exact opposite of the causes they think they are supporting. Most cancer “drives” are gathering funds to support what causes cancer, not what prevents or beats it.

In fact, Imperial Chemical Industries creates chemical-based dyes, fertilizers and explosives, so why would they support organizations that want to prevent and beat cancer? It doesn’t add up. So when National Breast Cancer Awareness Month kicks off in October, remember that pharmaceutical and chemical industries are not the “place” for donating money to fight cancer. It’s great to join organizations and groups and events that support good causes, but promoting mammograms and chemotherapy won’t help people win that battle against cancer, so this deserves careful consideration.

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Just as nobody should support the pharmaceutical companies that created the poisons for the gas chambers of Nazi Germany in WWII, nobody should support Bayer/Monsanto for creating chemical pesticides that contaminate food and cause cancer. Also, if an organization is saying they are fighting cancer, while they push and sell processed food, alcoholic beverages and scam-o-grams, then there’s no use going on THAT walk or run to raise funds and “awareness” for breast cancer month. Don’t get “pinkwashed” by the scams and scammers.

Why promote scam-o-grams (mammograms), chemotherapy, pink buckets of KFC chicken, and Mike’s Hard Lemonade for cancer drives and cancer walks?

One perfect example of cancer-scamming-fundraising is the Susan Komen Foundation, where they claim that the consumption of organic food is a “controversial issue,” as if clean eating is some hippie movement or fad that isn’t based on a clean bill of health. Are we all supposed to consume fried chicken and liquor-loaded lemonade while trying to help people fight and beat cancer? That’s what is pushed at Komen walks for the “cure.”

A study that dates back over a decade, that was presented at the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA), concluded that even low-dose radiation from annual mammography screenings significantly INCREASES breast cancer risk for women predisposed genetically. Most of these corporate-run cancer walks and runs promote mammograms across the board, to everyone. It’s a cash cow for pharma, and they’re not looking at the science.

Anyone remember the “Buckets for the Cure” campaign heralded by the Komen Foundation? They changed the color of the KFC chicken buckets to pink in an effort to “end breast cancer forever.” Really? How does chicken fried in GMO oils and loaded with MSG help cure cancer? It causes it. Would you like some pink M&M’s and Mike’s Hard Lemonade to wash down that carcinogenic chicken while you walk for the cure? Remember also that chemotherapy literally creates new cancers in the body, so despite mainstream media and the allopathic push for it, it’s probably the worst choice for fighting cancer.

Don’t give your money to the pinkwashing hypocrites. Fight cancer by promoting clean eating, clean living and natural remedies. Tune your internet dial to NaturalMedicine.news for more tips on how to use natural remedies for preventing and fighting cancer, and how to spend your money on what really makes a difference.

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