In the middle of 2022 I am seeing an America that I no longer recognize. I don’t watch much television but my roommate does and have you noticed that MANY TV commercials have NOTHING but black actors today? That’s strange considering only 13% of the American population is black.

Many claim it is racial fairness. I think it is utterly insane when you force mostly white viewers to watch television with mostly black culture represented, at least on TV commercials. Again, I don’t watch much television so that could be just the channels we watch, but I have a suspicion it is NOT.

For decades I have watched racial equality become a mainstay of American politics and culture, but no one is telling the truth. Here is a good example… Barack Obama supported slave trade in Mauritania that was only ended at the hands of Donald Trump. Read this article, if you don’t believe me. I was the only American journalist, to my knowledge, to feature the truth of this story.

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Today I am going to give you several videos that teach the real truth of black history in America. If you watch all of these videos you will know more about REAL black history in America then most with degrees in history. Why? Because real racial equality in America is mostly censored. They know that most will not do their own research, and simply tune into fake media sources to get the “facts.” The problem is that they are not teaching you facts, they are simply following their own strategy of division. A divided house will surely fall folks.

Before I get started with some video lessons, let me first point out that the Democrats have long been known as the primary supporters of the KKK.

If you read this Wikipedia article you will find partial proof of that. 8 of 11 US Senators that were KKK members were Democrats. 4 of 6 elected state Governors that were KKK members were also Democrats. All 3 House members that were KKK members were Democrats. That’s 15 of 20 folks. 

Abe Lincoln, who is credited with ending slavery, was REPUBLICAN as was the immortal Martin Luther King, Jr. His family largely followed in his footsteps.

For those who are unaware, I am still dealing with health problems, so I am going to cut it short today. But I promise you this… If you will watch all, or just some, of these videos you will know more about REAL Black American History than most people with history degrees. It’s not just fake news folks. It’s also FAKE HISTORY. Enjoy the videos…

What is the 1619 Project?


The 1619 Project is a long-form journalism endeavor developed by Nikole Hannah-Jones, writers from The New York Times, and The New York Times Magazine which “aims to reframe the country’s history by placing the consequences of slavery and the contributions of Black Americans at the very center of the United States‘ national narrative.”[1] The first publication stemming from the project was in The New York Times Magazine of August 2019 to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the arrival of the first enslaved Africans in the English colony of Virginia.[2] These were also the first Africans in mainland British America, though Africans had been in other parts of North America since the 1500s. The project also developed an educational curriculum, supported by the Pulitzer Center, later accompanied by a broadsheet article, live events, and a podcast.[3] On May 4, 2020, the Pulitzer Prize board announced that they were awarding the 2020 Pulitzer Prize for Commentary to project creator Nikole Hannah-Jones for her introductory essay.[4][5]

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The 1619 Project has received criticism from some historians.[6][7] In a letter published in The New York Times in December 2019, historians Gordon S. WoodJames M. McPhersonSean WilentzVictoria E. Bynum and James Oakes expressed “strong reservations” about the project and requested factual corrections, accusing the project’s creators of putting ideology before historical understanding. The scholars denied the project’s claim that slavery was essential to the beginning of the American Revolution, as colonists wanted to protect their right to own slaves. In response, Jake Silverstein, the editor of The New York Times Magazine, defended its accuracy and declined to issue corrections.[8] In March 2020, after continued criticism of the project’s portrayal of the role of slavery, The Times issued a “clarification”, modifying one of the passages on slavery’s role that had sparked controversy.[9][10]

In September 2020, controversy arose over when the Times updated the opening text of the project website to remove the phrase “understanding 1619 as our true founding” without accompanying editorial notes. Critics, including Bret Stephens of the Times, claimed the differences showed that the newspaper was backing away from some of the initiative’s more controversial claims.[11] The Times defended its practices, with Hannah-Jones emphasizing how most of the project’s content has remained unchanged.[12][13][14]


The 1619 Project is just another attempt to rewrite American history. America’s first believed slave owner was a black man named Anthony Johnson and it has all gone downhill since. Our founders stuck to the vision that “all men are created equal” and plantation owners soon forgot that. Anthony Johnson was a slave himself before becoming a slave “owner.”

America’s history is being rewritten before our very eyes and it is supremely frustrating. For now I’ll close but please watch at least one or two of the 6 videos I shared today and you will know more real history than most any of your friends, family or faculty mentors.

God Bless America.

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