(Natural News) It is very ironic that the politicians blame guns as the culprit of mass shootings when it’s almost always registered Democrats pulling the trigger. The Democrat politicians not only point the finger at the automatic or semi-automatic guns, but indirectly blame their own registered voters for the crimes, then try to illegally and unconstitutionally confiscate guns from Republicans and conservatives. The whole gun-grabbing campaign is hinged on emotional highs just after registered Democrats shoot up a school, movie theatre or college campus. What a farce.

Mass shooters are almost always Democrats and Leftists, not NRA members or Republicans

Navy shipyard shooter Aaron Alexis – Liberal
Arizona Gabby Giffords shooter Jared Loughner – Liberal
The DC snipers back in 2003 – Liberals
Chattanooga TN Marine Recruiting center shooter – Democrat
Ted Kaczynski (the Unabomber) – Leftist

Ft.Hood shooter Nidal Hasan – Democrat
Adam Lanza – Liberal
Columbine High School shooters – From very liberal families
Virginia Tech shooter, Seung-Hui Cho – Liberal nut-job
Virginia Tech decapitater – Liberal
Colorado Theater shooter James Holmes – Liberal
Live on air Roanoke VA TV station shooter Vester Lee Flanagan – Liberal

More extremist Leftists responsible for shootings, hangings, arson, rape and other violent acts against Americans:

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KKK- started by Democrats
Eradication of Jews 1940s (holocaust) – Hitler was a member of the National Socialist Party
Planned Parenthood – Leftist organization, created for the sole purpose of eradicating blacks, its founder was Margaret Sanger who called all Black people “weeds”
Slavery – Democrats were proponents.

Antifa and BLM riots over the past few years – all Democrats and Liberals committing violent acts during “protests,” including murder, rape, arson, theft, vandalism and more

Lee Harvy Oswald (JFK)  – Marxist (hard core lefty)
John Hinkley (Reagan) – Democrat
John Wilkes Booth (Lincoln)  – Democrat
Lynette ‘squeaky’ Fromme (Gerd Ford attempt) – Liberal
Sirhan Sirhan (RFK) – Liberal
Bill Ayers – US domestic terrorist – Liberal
Bernadine Dohrn – US domestic terrorist – Liberal
Occupy Wall Street – Extreme Leftist movement – over 8,000 arrests, 3 murders, 2 arson, 10 reported rapes

*Above list of violent Democrats and Leftists comes from 247Sports.com. Thank you for your research.

Blame the anti-psychotic drugs and the registered Democrat shooters for the mass shootings, not the innocent, responsible conservatives who have rights

Not only are most mass shootings done by registered Democrats and extremist liberals, but the mass media hides those facts from the public, while pushing their gun-grabbing narrative down everyone’s throats. On top of that, most mass shooters are young men taking psychotropic (anti-psychotic, anti-depression, anti-anxiety) SSRI prescription drugs that warp the mind and cause homicidal and suicidal “episodes” that might not ever occur without them.

It gets worse. Come to find out, after the shootings, it’s not uncommon that police and swat teams were told to “stand down” during the shootings, while innocent people, including children, are being shot to death and bleeding out. Many of those people could be and would have been saved, had the swat teams shot and/or apprehended the murderer(s) early on.

Plus, paramedics could have stopped the bleeding of the injured in time to save their lives, minimizing the carnage, but the gun-grabbing Democrats seem to always have their hands in the making, faking and exacerbating of the terror of mass shootings in America. It’s all about gun confiscation because the Democrats want a full-blown tyrannical government. That’s also why they attack the NRA and its members after mass shootings. Smoke and mirrors, folks.

The real blame needs to come out and America needs to realize that nearly all mass shootings are committed by registered Democrats and extremist Liberals who are taking anti-psychotic drugs and often times use registered guns. How ironic, huh? Let’s be honest here, and take a close look at prescription drug control instead of trying to confiscate guns every time there’s a shooting.

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