Before I start I want to tell you I am terribly embarrassed but need to tell my story to warn others. I was kicked out of my home on July 5th 2021 by a woman I still love and have four children (ages 10, 9, 9 and 5) who I am also madly in love with. I went blind 2 1/2 years ago and STILL provided for them as well as I could. That was my SECOND marriage and, in my mind, I did everything right. I did NOT with the first marriage. I let success go to my head and cheated on my first wife.

Note: Don’t wanna hear my pitiful story? I don’t blame you. It was poorly written but I had to write it so it might help others. Scroll down for two videos at the end of the article that are far more informative than I am.

I went to a shrink and he said ‘you don’t have to tell her if you can stop’ so I stopped. The problem is that she already knew and asked me for a divorce a couple of years later. It was no secret. I had done her very wrong. I didn’t fight her and let her take my kids from me. That’s what she wanted AND what she deserved, in my opinion. She was the better parent. I grew over the next several years but the rights in the divorce decree were never honored by her. I was supposed to have my kids two weekends a month and it didn’t happen. Yes I saw them lots but not for a whole weekend like I was supposed to. Still, I can only blame myself.

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Enough of my sordid past folks. I just like to write as a real and very imperfect human being. So I got kicked out of my own home on July 5th 2021 and have been massively depressed ever since. My kids will be with me eventually, because my soon to be ex wife did NOT contest or even reply to the papers served, but I haven’t seen my four youngest in over a year.

To feed my own imperfection I have spent probably 9 of the last 13 months trying to meet a woman. LOL Yes I don’t change much. I am codependent but, despite what society says, I don’t think that’s wrong. As long as my loved ones are happy, I am happy. For those of you who buy into the “evil” of codependence, let me remind you that Jesus Christ put all of our needs before His own. I’m not Jesus but I think codependence is fairly natural.


So roughly 9 months ago I started signing up for dating websites and later started talking to women on social networks.

What happened was bizarre but it didn’t seem so to me. Women started “throwing” themselves at me. And… NOT just older women. I was used to younger women throwing themselves at me, so I didn’t see that this was odd. Once upon a time I had money and fame. Now I don’t. LOL Yes, I’m not a smart man and often think I’m better than I am. Geez, do I have an ego problem? Please don’t answer that. I already know.

But I am proud of this… I don’t believe in premarital sex. I have been offered it a few times but eventually pulled away. These were the few REAL psychos, like me, that were just broken and desperate. Hey the world is full of people like us. These ladies all deserve someone good in their life but, for one reason or another, it just wasn’t supposed to be me. I am an old school Christian, and the next woman I “sleep” with will be the one I intend to spend the rest of my life with. Despite my current, and past, faults I still want and intend to do it right. Besides, I am not even officially divorced yet.

It’s the FAKE profiles that I need to tell you about. Here is what I found folks…

  • Many or MOST say they live one place but have an area code that says they live in another (Yes it’s possible but when you see it over and over you realize it’s a bad sign)
  • They are willing to say things like “I love you” way before any normal woman would. This was not particularly bothersome to me because I’m weird like that too. But it’s not NORMAL.
  • They say they love you but it’s hard to get responses from them during the day. They are likely servicing other potential victims, while letting YOU think you are special.
  • They will ask you for money before they have even met you or talked to you on the phone. I had ONE of those “fakes” call me a few times and I actually talked to her ONE time. So either she’s good or maybe, my hope, she found a real man and is having second thoughts about her lifestyle.
  • YOU do most of the talking and they tell you very little about themselves. It’s easy to pull that off with me, because I have an ego the size of Texas and I’m lonely. I’ll talk anyone’s ear off by text or phone. LOL

I am 53 with a soul and values of a 73 year old, so I’m an easy target but NOT an easy victim. I didn’t have money to send, otherwise I would have probably enriched a few of these “ladies.” Yes, my secret is out. I’m not gay. They were all women. Settle your bets now. LOL

I almost sent money twice. Here is my confession. For those who don’t know I was in a Catholic seminary in my youth. TWICE I told women that they could go see a priest or Monsignor and get money. I’d call and then forward the money to the clergyman. Both times that wasn’t good enough. If they would have said “yes” I would have done it, but… In both cases I don’t even think the woman was living in the city she said she was. If I was wrong, I’d be out about $500-$600 total. Good instincts Dean. Sometimes. LOL

My Mom and Dad could not have their own children, so they adopted both me and my sister. I was adopted when they were 45 and 40. They were good Christian people that were old-fashioned. I love them with all my heart for giving me the precious miracle of a loving home and family. I still talk (pray) to them to this day. Yeah, yeah, yeah… I do things sometimes for therapy. I feel like they are in heaven listening to me and I miss them. Yes, God is in charge but it can’t hurt to talk to them right? Maybe they can say, “Hey God, what about our baby boy?” LOL

I’ve spent a year in the dark folks. I miss my kids so much. I have given up hope on my wife, who picked drugs over me and her children. The lawyers are moving slow and I cry every day for my babies and myself. Yes I’m very soft-hearted except when I blog.

The only words of wisdom I have for you are these…

Meet your next love the right way. In the old days people met in person and fell in love. Today we are living in a world of scam artists who lie in wait on their computers. They want YOUR money and whatever else you can or will give them. But they don’t love you and don’t believe they do.

They are simply sizing you up as their next victim.

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With that said, any single ladies that want a disabled man and his four young kids can call me at 402 855 6012. Maybe text first but I am REAL and maybe so real that I’ll scare you away. LOL But I’m not a scammer. Love is a two-way street. Mom and Dad taught me that.

Long winded Dean is done y’all.

God Bless You All y’all.

Dean Garrison is a professional publisher and hack writer at DC Clothesline and DC Dirty Laundry. You can follow him on GAB, Truth Social and GETTR. Facebook and Twitter kicked his wretched ass to the curb. 😉 If you want to reprint this please do. Surely there is a single woman out there desperate enough to take me on because she loves my kids.

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