(Natural News) Earlier this week, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy addressed the U.S. Congress via video link and implored the Legislative Branch to do more to help him save his country.

While Zelenskyy did not ask for American boots on the ground, he did press for a “no-fly zone” or, in lieu of that, the transfer of Soviet-era fighter planes to his air force and additional anti-aircraft batteries, as well as additional offensive and defensive weapons.

He got a standing ovation from attending American lawmakers, as well as a pledge for an additional aid package worth $200 million, bringing the total U.S. commitment to around $1 billion since Russian forces invaded Ukraine in late February.

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But a growing number of Americans want their government to do more, even at the risk of provoking a nuclear exchange with Russian President Vladimir Putin. In fact, according to a Pew Research survey released on the heels of Zelenskyy’s speech, more than one-third of Americans support action by the U.S. military even at the risk of nuclear war.

“New Pew poll on Ukraine war: Thirty-five percent of Americans support the US ‘taking military action even if it risks a nuclear conflict with Russia.’ (62 percent oppose.),” The Washington Examiner’s chief political correspondent Byron York wrote on Twitter noting the survey’s results.

“Roughly a third of Americans (32%) say that the United States is providing about the right amount of support to Ukraine as it fights to hold off the Russian invasion,” noted Pew Research in a report on the survey’s findings.

“A larger share – 42% – say the U.S. should be providing more support to Ukraine, while just 7% say it is providing too much support. About one-in-five (19%) say they are not sure,” the report continued.

“However, virtually identical shares in both parties – 51% of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents and 50% of Democrats and Democratic leaners – regard the Russian invasion as a ‘major threat’ to U.S. interests,” Pew Research noted further.

While just one-third of respondents favored U.S. military action at the risk of a nuclear exchange, about the same number of Republicans and Democrats (36% of Republicans, 35% of Democrats) held that view.

Also, a large majority favors allowing Ukrainian refugees into the U.S., though Democratic respondents favored that more than did Republicans (80% vs. 57%).

The survey also found that most Americans are paying attention to what’s going on in Ukraine and have been for months. “About seven-in-ten adults (69%) now report having read or heard a lot about the Russian invasion, compared with 23% who said they had read or heard a lot about Russia’s military buildup on its border with Ukraine in a January survey,” Pew Research noted.

“Today, nearly identical shares of Republicans (70%) and Democrats (71%) say they have heard or read a lot about the invasion,” the report added.

Meanwhile, the fallout from the war will have long-term — and devastating — implications for the entire planet, given that Russia and Ukraine account for nearly one-third of the world’s grain supplies. In addition, both are top fertilizer producers, and with Ukraine in flames and Western sanctions in place for Russia-produced goods, it is becoming clear that other countries that produce lots of food, like the United States, will suffer from decreased production at least this year and likely into next year as well.

The dearth of food production is coming at a time when food prices have been steadily rising for months in the age of Joe Biden and the leftist-induced global supply chain crisis following a year’s worth of pandemic lockdowns.

The point is, the conflict in Ukraine will only compound the economic downturn that was already underway. Plan accordingly.

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