You might remember me from years past. My name is Dean Garrison and I was once one of the biggest “blow-hard conspiracy theorists” that ever entered the world of politics.

Today I want to point some things out to you as “Americans” or whatever nationality you call your own.

In America we are divided more and more every day by the puppeteers that claim to represent us, but merely control us.

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Have you ever seen the movie “Miracle” about the 1980 U.S. Olympic Gold Medal Winning Hockey Team?

Here’s a short clip…

The message of the movie was clear. Coach Herb Brooks made a bunch of college kids into one of the greatest stories in Olympic history. How did he do that?

By making them hate him and love each other.

The opposite happens in America, and all over the world today, with ALMOST ALL governments.

Governments make us hate each other so we will love them.

Yes they keep us divided instead of unifying us. We tend to hate Trump voters or Biden voters more than we hate those who pull our strings to make us hate each other.

In the movie, Coach Brooks found that by making his players hate HIM they would love each other and trust each other.


So the real World War III started long ago and it’s not about the US, Russia and Ukraine. It’s about the governments of the world making their own people hate each other. That is absolute truth and why I am back.

Yes, I’m disabled and may never be what I once was but I am on your side no matter who you voted for.

I’m not Republican.

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I’m not Democrat.

I am an independent “conservative.”

So yes I believe that things are supposed to be run a certain way but I am honestly embarrassed to call myself “Republican.”

I trust the liberal neighbor down the street way more than I trust 99% of the “Republicans” who claim to be “conservatives” in DC.

Coach Herb Brooks showed us all what putting his “players” or “people” first would and could accomplish. He turned a bunch of lesser talented college kids into one of the greatest stories in the history of sports.

They loved each other and hated coach Brooks.

In America we love Trump or love Biden and focus our hate on the guy three houses down who voted for the “wrong guy” in 2020.

What is wrong with that folks?


World War III started decades ago when governments of the world started making us hate each other. All of the current theatrics are meant to divide us more, not unite us.

Think about that please…

We’ve been covering the Biden interest in Ukraine for many years. Sorry for so many links but I could have put up dozens more.

Educate yourself America. Your enemy is not the Biden or Trump voter down the street. Your real enemies are in National capitols all over the world.

Think about that and UNITE.

The Covid SCAMdemic is winding down and the governments that are supposed to represent us need to find new ways to kill us…

Please open your eyes before it’s too late.

Please feel free to reprint this article, so long as all links (not ads) stay in tact. Dean publishes DC Clothesline and DC Dirty Laundry.