“Joe Rogan bends the knee”. A lot of people seem to be agonizing over this pod caster who says he’s an “Independent”, but who has a voting history that’s primarily supported Democrats (yet who’s supposedly not aligned or affiliated with either Party), selling out to this cancel cancers, er, I mean “cultures”, latest exhibition of manufactured outrage. I’ve been seeing a lot of arm chair quarterbacking across the digital plains of social media in the wake of the Lefts latest efforts at targeting and trying to tear down another prominent and influential voice on social media. For the unpardonable sin of daring to buck the state sanctioned, ever-shifting Covid narrative we’ve been fed on a daily basis for 2 years running now. Efforts that seem to have met with some measure of success as Rogan has reportedly gone on a Spotify sponsored apology tour for his having used the dreaded ‘N‘ word during past podcasts (which, if I understood subsequent reports correctly, those particular Rogan podcasts have been completely scrubbed and removed from Spotify).

As well as Spotify themselves now adding disclaimers in the way of a “content advisory” to Rogan’s Podcasts after having allegedly presented Covid-19 “misinformation” in a recent Podcast covering this topic, centering on relevant information and the subsequent questions such information prompts. Specific information which this state-run media we’re continuously screwed over by have arbitrarily determined never to cover or ask themselves throughout this entire politically motivated Plannedemic.

But we know simply bending the knee once to these predatory Left-Wing despots will never be enough. It should be obvious by now to anyone that these hyperbolic hyenas are motivated by a singular purpose towards a singular goal: Absolute control! What I find astounding though is this bizarre level of legitimacy, influence and validity we’ve given (and are continuing to give) more and more to these clandestine clowns and their aggregated circus of sideshow screwballs and oddities. We’ve literally handed over the keys of the asylum to these lunatics. Consequently, crazy just begets more extreme craziness. I mean how else do you explain a headline like this one…

It’s the kind of thing whose composition would be viewed as complete absurdity in a sane world, and so you find yourself squinting hard at your monitor while questioning to yourself the reality of what you just read. But the Left’s crazy train doesn’t stop there. Oh hell no. It has more train stations and layovers deeper and deeper in the twisted and darker regions of malevolent psychopathy. Another example would be the Moline-Coal Valley School District in Illinois defending a flyer that surfaced advertising an “After School Satan Club” for children in grades one through five, claiming the decision to allow the group rested on “equal access.”

Ironic how they kick God out, then turn around and welcome Satan in with arms wide open. We’re dealing with a combination of both mental illness and outright evil here on a broad sweeping scale. Not only that, but keep in mind that to these fruitcakes, their mental illness is considered a normal state of mind, while their own distorted view sees any sane person who disagrees with and opposes their craziness as the ones who are themselves mentally ill. And this state of mind is only ratified and encouraged by self-serving political grifters in either party known as our “elected representatives” along with their respective media entourage of sycophants.

I could sit here and list a litany of all the weird bullshit we’re having to deal with now thanks to Loony Leftists, but this would go from being merely an opinion piece to becoming a very thick book. No room for that, but living here in the Cornhusker state, it’s strange how some issues have a way of seeming to materialize literally overnight and coming unexpectedly from far left center field into the foreground. I mean I don’t ever remember back before Obama, all this “white supremacy” and “white privilege” garbage being regurgitated and parroted over and over again by actual Marxist/Communist/whatever-fad-of-the-week-this-is, racist turd blossoms. Not since Obama. The most racially divisive president who single handedly managed to set race relations in our country back by almost six decades. 

Yet before the race hustlers and baiters of the Marxist-led Black Lives Matter uprising, we had Occupy Wall Street setting the initial tone and pace of this continuously transmogrifying and decidedly unAmerican movement over the years. However the Occupiers have all since faded away. Given how much nature abhors a vacuum though, now we’ve got this fascist anti-fascist terrorist group who call themselves ANTIFA.

Occupy Wall Street. Black Lives Matter. ANTIFA. It’s interesting to note how these Democrat sanctioned and supported insurgents all became prominent in our country during Obama’s reign. Looting, robbing, terrorizing communities, tearing down historical monuments and causing billions in property damage with complete abandon. All conveniently happening in Democrat controlled states and cities. We’ve got these bused in from out of state protesters, all protesting the latest black thug that died at the hands of police for resisting arrest and who we’re all expected to give a shit about and share in some communal outrage over. As they murdered law enforcement officers in our streets in a rash of killings unlike anything we’d ever seen happen in our nation before. But you’d better by God not be a Trump supporter, otherwise you’re designated a “domestic terrorist“. A bit of disparity there in terms of definitions I know, but remember, these shitheads are all CRAZY.

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I know though, I know. It’s a vast ocean of white noise out there, all of it bitching about this current state of our Union. Every where you turn nowadays and with everyone all talking over themselves. In between plugging their own or a friend’s latest book. Telling us everything we’ve all been bitching about for months already as it is. Everyone seems to somehow know the cause of all these problems we’re facing though. Our bullshit dilemma is that there’s precious few with the balls who are in a position of influence doing a damned thing about any of it. Well, except for whining. That seems to be about all Republicans can do and if it is, then they can all just shut the hell up cuz I’m sick of hearing it all the time.

I wonder to myself more often what will be that one decisive match strike that finally lights this short fuse and launches this volatile powder keg sky high. I do not wonder so much about what will be the impetus for us to put the breaks on and self-correct these problems. Call me cynical, but for as bad as things have been allowed to get over a period of decades, when all this crap was seen coming from miles away, I just don’t have the necessary faith in human nature left anymore to believe that we could muster up the collective will to fix this colossal mess at this point. It sure wouldn’t break my heart if I were to be proven wrong about that.

Which brings me back to this controversy of Joe Rogan bending the knee to the demands of these Leftist Hitler’s. Speaking for myself, the only opinion I have is, who cares? I mean Rogan has clearly demonstrated his obedience to his antagonists by submitting to their demands and I think we all know why that is. As most everything seems to be about these days, it all comes down to a matter of money. The root as they say, of all evil. Or, as in the case of Rogan’s exclusive multiyear distribution deal with Spotify, a hundred million dollars. It seems as if almost everyone I’ve supported in the past eventually sold out. My latest dealings with disappointment involves Texas Senator, Ted Cruz who, back in January on the one year anniversary of the staged January 6th siege of Capitol Hill in 2021, was shamelessly pandering by calling that day, “an anniversary of a violent terrorist attack on the Capitol, where we saw the men and women of law enforcement demonstrate incredible courage.”

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Incredible courage? Really??? Is that what you call black, Capitol Hill police officer, Michael Byrd demonstrating when he gunned down unarmed 35-year-old Air Force veteran Ashli Babbitt in cold blood? Ironic how the Democrat media propagandists vilified Babbitt, describing her as, “part of a mob of supporters of U.S. President Donald Trump who attacked the Capitol Building seeking to overturn his defeat in the 2020 presidential election”. Never mind the actions of actual domestic terrorists for years now being responsible for billions in property damage as well as for the murders of hundreds of police around the nation in Democrat provinces, whom this same media laughingly labeled as being “mostly peaceful protesters“. Seriously. A CNN reporter actually said this into the camera even as some area business was being burnt to the ground behind him during one of those mostly peaceful protests. Another glaring disparity of definitions, eh? Meanwhile, officer Byrd was subsequently cleared of any wrong doing while his identity was purposely being protected initially by Democrat lawmakers.


Imagine however if the roles of this sordid story were reversed and it was Babbitt who had shot down a black, unarmed, “mostly peaceful protester” while they were committing an actual felony. She’d get called a white supremacist, a racist and would be thrown to the wolves so fast it’d make your heads swim, but meanwhile, back on the ranch the dead black thug would be elevated to the canonized position of Sainthood, monuments erected in their honor and candle light vigils held throughout every Democrat dominated city around the country before the day was out. Oh yeah, not to mention all the coordinated and orchestrated rioting, arson, violence and actual terrorism that would ensue and go on for days if not weeks afterwards. Conveniently only going on in said Democrat controlled territory. So, long story short, Ted Cruz (whom I once respected, admired and supported) is dead to me.

And with that said, I’ve been hearing a mixed bag of opinions over time about this crappy state of our Union, with more and more of those opinions gravitating towards a belief that the only remedy to this insurrection on our country, institutions and very way of life by these crazed Leftists will ultimately come down to another Civil War. I think by now most of us are fully aware of just how dangerously dedicated to their seditious cause these radical zealots are. They absolutely have no compunction at resorting to violence and killing if that’s what it takes to advance their agenda. I guess the question we all need to be asking ourselves is what side do we want to be on. Just the fact Democrats of New York applauded themselves and celebrated legislation they crafted making it legal in their districts to terminate an unborn baby right up to full term and in some cases even after birth, makes my decision of whose side to be on a simple one.

I guess all any of us can really do as we sit back waiting to see whether or not the feces hits the fan is just to continue being vigilant and going about the day to day routine of living our lives. When you get down to the brass tacks of it all, I could give a shit less about Joe Rogan. We’re all targets on social media. Yes. Even  us little people. Rogan made his choice to bend the knee and regardless of if Joe’s soul is worth selling out for a dollar or a hundred million dollars, he made a conscious choice so to hell with him.

As for myself, I love my country, its heritage and the Republic it was intended to be for all true Americans. The only ones who have a problem with that are all of these America hating, Left-Wing, genderless, pro-noun Sally’s, who’re relentlessly trying to tear our nation down like the parasites they are. Those little crap weasels can all go fuck themselves.

“And Jeffery Epstein didn’t kill himself!”