(Natural News) U.S. corporations who are prostituting themselves out to China are learning the hard way that choosing the communist regime over American-based businesses just because they don’t like their politics is a costly mistake.

Barack Obama was every bit as polarizing a figure as Donald Trump, but the difference was most CEOs are no longer Republicans, they are hard-left constituents of the Democratic Party, so Obama’s extremism was excused and even rewarded.

Not so with Trump, a billionaire businessman who is a lot more like those CEOs than Obama, a Marxist demagogue who never ran a company or started a business. So, in order to show fealty to their Democratic soulmates, corporate CEOs went out of their way to punish him and anyone who is associated with him, because they must prove their ‘wokeness’ in order to remain ‘in’ with the ‘cool kids’ in D.C. (and not be called names on social media).

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Bed Bath & Beyond is one such corporation that decided to ‘punish’ one of Trump’s staunchest allies, MyPillow founder and CEO Mike Lindell.

As Lindell tried to alert the country to the massive vote fraud that took place during the 2020 election, in which Trump’s reelection was blatantly stolen from him, the ‘MyPillow guy’ was portrayed by the lamestream media as some sort of ‘out there’ kook who was only trying to sow division and conflict. As such, retail chains that carried his products — like Bed Bath & Beyond — dropped them and instead threw in with the ChiComs to make up the difference in inventory and sales.

Yeah, not a great idea.

The retailer dropped MyPillow in January 2021, but now, a year later, the company is smarting, economically.

In their latest quarterly results, the retailer announced a ‘lack of inventory’ cost them $100 million,” Big League Politics reported, adding: “They could have stocked their shelves with MyPillow products, but they decided to get political.”

Lindell’s operation is based in Minnesota — not Beijing or Shanghai.

CNBC noted the chain’s difficulties:

The retailer faces big challenges ahead as it works to turn around its business. Chief Executive Officer Mark Tritton has laid out a plan to revamp stores, add private label products and close underperforming locations. It’s also launched an online marketplace to work with third-party sellers and compete with the likes of Amazon and Walmart.

But in the latest quarter, Bed Bath’s progress was held back by a lack of inventory due to supply chain bottlenecks that cost it about $100 million, Tritton said. Issues escalated during December, he said, despite strong consumer demand in its stores and online during the holidays.

Tritton has also announced that the chain will close 37 stores with an eye to shutter as many as 200 this year — all because of politics.

As a double whammy, a shortage of paper products also led the retailer to cut out direct mailers, which are huge draws to the chain’s physical outlets.

But none of this is going to get better for Bed Bath & Beyond, or most other U.S. retail chains, anytime soon: As long as the globalists continue to exploit the COVID pandemic, there will be shortages of workers all up and down the supply chain, which Joe Biden’s regime is doing nothing to help solve.

Also, China — where this virus started — is having more of the same supply issues: The authoritarians who run that country mandate closures and lockdowns at ports and factories if someone so much as tests positive for COVID, which is only making our supply chain worse.

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A message from our president to “buy American” would go a long way towards solving Bed Bath & Beyond’s inventory issues. Too bad for them and for the country Biden won’t do it.

That would make him sound too much like Trump.

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