(Natural News) According to the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS), the experimental covid-19 vaccines are causing illness, injury and death at an overwhelming pace, unlike any other vaccine on the market. However, the vaccine manufacturers have already contracted with governments to be exempt from legal liability. The vaccine industry is allowed to market and sell their products, no matter how many times people report injury and death following the vaccination.

The lawlessness doesn’t end there. The vaccine manufacturers are further protected from public and scientific scrutiny because Facebook and the rest of the Big Tech censors have shut down all scientific debate surrounding the topic of vaccines. For instance, a 25-year-old teacher passed away seven days after writing on Facebook that the vaccine was killing her. Facebook “fact checked” her post and arrogantly slapped a warning label on it, mocking her all the way to the grave.

Facebook covering up the crimes of the vaccine industry, shutting down self-reports of vaccine injury

Over the past year, Facebook has radically transformed their terms of use. Facebook has taken up “official” positions on topics of vast complexity and context. Facebook is currently censoring any reports of vaccine injury, removing transparency and accountability by shielding the vaccine industry from public scrutiny. (VAERS) is a passive vaccine injury surveillance system that typically captures less than one percent of the total vaccine injuries in any given time period. This system was setup by the Department of Health and Human Services to better understand the issues with new and existing vaccines. Facebook is going above the law and censoring these very important medical reports, refuting vaccine injury claims at every turn. Facebook is working with the World Health Organization and the Gavi Vaccine Alliance to block any report on vaccine injury or any other information that provides adequate informed consent and context surrounding infection.

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Facebook is not allowing any debate on covid-19 vaccines, brainwashing the public to accept an error-prone science as some holy savior of mankind. Anyone who dares report on their OWN adverse events is quickly refuted by Facebook’s fact checks and warning labels. Facebook algorithms are designed to detect any information that casts doubt on the efficacy and safety of the vaccines. These posts are shamed for causing “vaccine hesitancy” and are quickly “fact checked” and labeled “misinformation.” In this way, Facebook is actively covering up the crimes of the vaccine industry.

Young teacher is refuted and mocked by Facebook fact checkers after she reported vaccine injuries and passed away

A 25-year-old preschool teacher named Desiree Penrod took to Facebook after she got the covid-19 vaccine. She reported fatigue, headaches and earaches after the vaccination and said, “The vaccine is killing me today.” Health authorities only monitor vaccine recipients for fifteen minutes following administration of the vaccine. Any medical issues reported after that fifteen-minute time frame are not taken seriously as a side effect of the vaccine, even though it takes more than fifteen minutes for the vaccine to take full effect. Desiree’s first post was on March 10th. She wrote: “The vaccine is killing me today. My arm hurts, beyond exhausted, headache, stomach cramps, and earaches. Multiple told me that I looked pale today. Yesterday, I was fine but today it’s taking its toll on me.”

Facebook immediately slapped a warning label on the young teacher’s post. “Covid-19 vaccines go through many tests for safety and effectiveness before they’re approved,” the label states, telling people to “Learn More at who.int.”

Sadly, the young woman passed away just seven days later. The obituary of Desiree R. Penrod confirmed that she passed away unexpectedly at her home on March 17. Facebook disdainfully fact checked the now deceased woman’s post, despite all the facts being laid out by Desiree and her family. Facebook’s arrogant attempt to cover up for the vaccine industry shows no empathy toward the young teacher and her grieving family. One of the most traumatic things anyone can do during a time of loss is to arrogantly assume and advertise the cause of the loved one’s death, dishonoring their memory.

Facebook is mocking the young woman for self reporting her vaccine injuries while traumatizing the family during their time of grief. It’s time for Facebook to remove their hateful, arrogant, and defamatory “fact checking” statements that violate medical privacy and traumatize families.

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