(Natural News) A Joe Biden presidency is going to be a dream come true for the Chinese Communists, a huge break they probably never in a thousand years imagined would come true.

Not only is the incoming president and his son compromised by the ChiComs, the people Biden is selecting to fill roles in his Cabinet are either pro-Beijing sycophants (like Biden himself) or China apologists.

Either way, it’s completely understandable why Beijing was pulling for Joe to beat President Donald Trump, who was tougher in China than any president in modern history.

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Case in point: Biden has selected Washington swamp creature Anthony Blinken to be his secretary of state and, according to U.S. intelligence community veteran and expert Charles “Sam” Faddis, that is good news for the ChiComs.

Writing at AND Magazine, which he founded, he says: 

If you understand Biden’s announcement to mean that it will be Blinken’s job to function as America’s top diplomat and represent our interests to the world, however, you completely misunderstand the situation. As Director of the Penn Biden Center, Blinken did not preside over some institute charged with educating Americans and helping them understand the world around us. He presided over an entity that was funded in large measure by the Chinese and which seems to have been dedicated primarily to pushing Chinese propaganda inside the United States.

How is the Penn Biden Center connected to Beijing? The same way that Joe and Hunter Biden are reportedly connected — money.

Faddis notes that the center has gotten more than $70 million from ‘donors’ in China in recent years. And until the center was asked about those donations, it didn’t report any of them though it was required to by law. In fact, Faddis says, more than $20 million of those donations is still being categorized as having come from anonymous Chinese sources. In May 2018, one donation alone was $14.5 million.

For you see, Chinese leaders practice a weird form of communism; it’s more like capitalist Communism where money is allowed to be made (and a lot of it by the top echelons of Chinese society) but the people are ruled with an iron fist.

“Not surprisingly, then the Penn Biden Center steers completely clear of any topics which might displease the Chinese and, in fact, focuses most of its attention on subjects and themes that dovetail nicely with Chinese Communist Party (CCP) propaganda worldwide,” Faddis wrote.

Meanwhile, the garbage ‘mainstream media’ and Democrats have spent the bulk of President Trump’s term trying to talk up the Russia threat and link him to Russian President Vladimir Putin, who essentially runs a country that some have likened to a gas station with nuclear weapons.

China, by far, is America’s biggest threat. And Biden’s emerging administration will kowtow to Beijing. (Related: China helped steal U.S. election, concludes hard-hitting Epoch Times documentary.)

But it’s not just the pro-China Blinken we have to be concerned with. Beijing is voicing its approval of retired U.S. Army Gen. Lloyd Austin, whom Biden has selected to be his secretary of defense. Newsweek reports that Beijing “has already reacted positively to the nomination of the ‘rational’ retired general.”

“Beijing sees a way back to stability for U.S.-China relations, which have been heavily strained under President Donald Trump and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who is passionately opposed to the Chinese Communist Party,” the magazine reported.

Do you see the cognitive dissonance on display here? The only thing driving Newsweek’s coverage is Trump hate; the article never bothers to explain why the Trump administration and Pompeo are “passionately opposed” to the ChiComs.

Could it be due to the fact that both recent Democrat and Republican administrations have determined China is a major threat?

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And look, anytime China compliments an American official Beijing’s commies will have to deal with, that’s not a good thing.

“Blinken is just the first of what it appears will be a Cabinet full of minions of the Chinese Communist Party. These are not patriotic Americans wise to the ways of the CCP and determined to protect us from them,” Faddis writes. “To the contrary, these are men and women who are fully supportive of China’s ambition to supplant the United States as the dominant power on the globe.”

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