(Natural News) A prominent leader within the largest non-Catholic religious denomination in the United States is urging Christians everywhere to get vaccinated for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) because this is supposedly what Jesus wants them to do in order to “love thy neighbor.”

Albert Mohler, head of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Ky., penned a lengthy article for his The Briefing newsletter that compares President Donald Trump’s warp speed COVID-19 vaccines to the moon landing, calling the jabs a “successful” example of mankind’s God-ordained “dominion” over the earth.

Because tens of millions of Christians are presumably planning to forego the shot, Mohler is trying to manipulate them into complying using the Bible as a pro-pharma weapon. Mohler presents “seven points for consideration,” supposedly from the Bible, that demonstrate – according to him, anyway – how God wants all believers to get jabbed with the experimental injections.

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“Pressing against disease and viruses is part of our mandate,” Mohler writes, suggesting that people who believe in God have a biblical duty to get vaccinated whenever the government tells them they should. “Medical treatment is an extension of God’s common grace and Christians have always understood this.”

Mohler: Vaccine manufacturers didn’t “directly” abort babies so their vaccines are just fine for Christians

Bizarrely, Mohler presents the example of famous American evangelist Jonathan Edwards as proof of the “legitimacy of inoculations.” Despite the fact that Edwards died from a toxic vaccine injection that gave him “a lethal case of smallpox,” which Mohler openly admits, Edwards’ willingness to get vaccinated at all shows that he appreciated “the science of medicine,” as should all Christians, according to Mohler.

Edwards is an example to us all, Mohler goes on to suggest, because he “made the point that a biblical Christian worldview understands.” That point, according to Mohler, is that everything is “orderly and intelligible” thanks to pharmaceuticals and vaccines, which are apparently “based in the Christian doctrine of creation.”

Mohler also addresses concerns among Christians about COVID-19 vaccines containing ingredients made from aborted human babies, dismissing the seriousness of this by claiming, in essence, that “no one who is producing these COVID-19 vaccines had any direct involvement in bringing about the abortion,” thus rendering the jabs morally aligned with Christian beliefs.

“The good news about the COVID-19 vaccines is that even as these cells … were used in order to create the basic shape of the vaccine and its cellular form, the fact is, there is no fetal tissue whatsoever in any of the major COVID-19 vaccines, not a bit, that’s encouraging,” Mohler writes.

Mohler: mRNA was “amazingly produced;” FDA is trustworthy; not getting vaccinated is selfish and ungodly

If you are still not convinced, Mohler has another message for you: The “Christian tradition” says to promote the “common good” with “benevolence, love, care for others, laying down personal priorities for the service of others.” And the best way to do that, according to Mohler, is to get vaccinated.

“Some people might approach the issue of vaccination through self-defined terms,” Mohler writes, suggesting that those who reject the COVID-19 vaccine are selfish. This can be remedied, however, by remembering that “the second greatest commandment listed by Jesus” is “to love our neighbors as ourselves.”

“Christians thinking about the issue of the vaccine must weigh this key biblical principle as part of their thinking,” Mohler further adds.

If this is still not manipulative enough, one of Mohler’s final appeals is to trust the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which he says “does not merely require that a vaccine prove to be safe – it must also prove to be effective.” Mohler also wants you to know that he thinks DNA-altering mRNA technology was “amazingly produced,” thus making it a good fit for Christians.

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