(Natural News) Because less than half of the American population is planning to get vaccinated for the COVID-19, even with a $100 cash incentive, billionaire eugenicist Bill Gates is desperately calling on pro-vaxxers in power to come up with new ways to manipulate people into getting jabbed, including at church.

Having already had success in Nigeria using religious leaders to deceive their trusting parishioners into getting jabbed, Gates wants to bring the same propaganda campaigns here to the United States. Pastors, priests and reverends could be used to proclaim from the pulpit that COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective, leading to greater vaccine compliance.

During a recent interview with The Wall Street Journal‘s CEO Council, Gates threatened that “rich countries” like the U.S. could return mostly back to normal by the end of 2021 if only people would agree to get vaccinated. To make it happen, Gates is hoping that pro-vaxxers can successfully invade people’s “trust networks” and convince them that COVID-19 vaccines are the cure for his plandemic.

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“Vaccine hesitancy is in all countries and predates the pandemic,” Gates whined during the segment, all the while pushing health officials to start actively “thinking about which voices will help reduce the hesitancy so we can get a level of vaccination that really has a chance of stopping” the plandemic.

Bill Gates wants social media companies to censor COVID-19 skepticism

National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) head Anthony Fauci expressed similar sentiments back in June. Fauci openly announced that the government, using taxpayer dollars, already has a plan in place to have “people [vaccine-hesitant Americans] can relate to in the community – sports figures, community heroes, people that they look up to” spread the pro-vaccine gospel.

It is a start, but Gates wants the public relations campaigns to kick things into high gear, and soon, in order to salvage as much of the plandemic as possible. With many people coming to the stark realization that the whole thing is overblown, to say the least, Gates realizes that the window of opportunity is closing in on him.

Gates is especially upset about the fact that people are learning the truth about him online – though, to Gates, the truth is just “conspiracy theories” that need to be “debunked” by the very same people pushing for mass COVID-19 vaccination.

There are “very titillating things” spreading online, according to Gates, that are throwing a major wrench in his agenda. Many are convinced that “somebody intentionally made this virus, or that there’s some conspiracy” surrounding its spread, Gates bemoans.

Even worse is the fact that these “conspiracy theories” are spreading “so much faster than the truth, which is that it comes from a bat,” Gates contends.

Gates is hoping that social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter will “slow down or annotate things that actually cause huge damage, like not wearing masks or not being willing to take the vaccine if it proves that it is this key tool to getting back to normal.”

In other words, any skepticism about the coronavirus or the prescribed “remedies” for keeping it at bay must be squelched in the online environment if the Bill Gates narrative has any chance of surviving all the scrutiny.

President Trump is also part of the problem, Gates says, because he pulled U.S. funding from the World Health Organization (WHO). This means that the new primary funder of the WHO is none other than Gates himself.

“We still don’t know whether these vaccines will succeed,” Gates reluctantly admitted, adding the caveat that if they do, “I doubt there will be a lot of Russian or Chinese vaccine going outside these countries.”

You can access more news about the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) at Pandemic.news.

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