(Natural News) The Wuhan coronavirus — engineered by the Chinese military in a bioweapons lab and released upon humanity — has wreaked havoc all across the globe, but that doesn’t mean we need to let it continue to devastate our economies and freedoms.

It turns out there are 10 simple solutions to the so-called covid-19 pandemic, and many of these solutions involve holding bureaucrats accountable for their actions… something that everybody seems to have forgotten might be possible.

So here’s the full list of the top 10 best ideas for ending the covid crisis almost instantly. Read and share, and join Brighteon.social to speak freely on the new social media alternative to Twitter and Facebook.

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#1) Declare all government to be “non-essential” and suspend all state and federal income taxes until the lockdowns are ended. After all, if the citizens can’t earn revenue, why should government officials? While we’re at it, suspend all salaries of government officials who are enforcing lockdowns. Besides, what has government done during the pandemic other than punitively destroy the economy, criminalize church gatherings and direct more of our tax dollars to the Big Pharma vaccine cartels? Has government done anything that could realistically be called “essential?”

#2) Deliberately contaminate the coronavirus vaccines with infertility drugs to halt the reproduction of people who are stupid enough to line up and get vaccinated. Oh wait, Bill Gates is already doing this, and we don’t want to steal his thunder. (This point is satire, of course.)

#3) Start using the correct terminology in order to end the brainwashing. It should be called, “ANTI-social distancing,” for example, not “social distancing.” And carrying a virus without showing sickness or symptoms doesn’t mean you have “covid-19.” That’s the name for someone who’s sick, with symptoms, not the name of a virus.

#4) If masks work, then end the business closures and lockdowns since masks would protect customers. If masks don’t work, then end the mask mandates.

#5) Instead of financially rewarding Big Pharma for every pandemic they help create, start fining vaccine manufacturers for outbreaks. Right now, drug companies are incentivized to spread infectious disease and produce faulty vaccines. Pandemics have become their business model!

#6) Stop calling out covid-19 “cases” just because somebody tested “positive” using a completely unreliable test. Merely carrying a virus — without showing any sickness — does not make a pandemic. Yet this is now the entire basis for the so-called “second wave,” where the totally dishonest media continues to try to terrorize the world by claiming “cases” are exploding, even when virtually no one is showing symptoms of sickness.

#7) Instead of defunding the police, defund the CDC and the WHO. End these disastrous, communist-run organizations that have only lied to the world while covering up the biological terrorism crimes by China. What has the CDC done to help America, other than send out faulty lab tests and pimp for the vaccine corporations?

#8) To test the safety of coronavirus vaccines before they are rolled out to the general public, make all the lawmakers, regulators and government bureaucrats vaccinate their own children first, on live TV, as a confidence test. Then wait a few days and see what happens.

#9) Allow all the local businesses that were shuttered during the lockdowns to personally SUE their local mayors and governors to recover their huge financial losses. Make the tyrants personally liable for the financial devastation of their ill-fated decisions.

#10) Sue communist China (the CCP) for all the damage, worldwide, stemming from the Wuhan coronavirus, given that their military built the bioweapon in a lab and then deliberately released it. Hold them accountable for all damages, and all the China-controlled Leftists in the U.S. Congress will suddenly stop using the lockdowns to cause more damage. Sen. Feinstein will be furious!

Finally, if we really want to stop the coronavirus pandemic in its tracks, just tell everyone to take vitamin D and zinc. That’s what Trump did, and he’s fine now. Problem solved. Yet nobody wants to mention the role of nutrition, since nutrients don’t earn billions in profits for the vaccine cartels.

Is anyone surprised?

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