(Natural News) The New England Journal of Medicine is getting behind Bill Gate’s nefarious plan to claim ownership over every human being and force vaccinate them indefinitely. The totalitarian plan, released in the prestigious medical journal, reveals strategies to force covid-19 vaccine compliance onto individuals and families through manipulation, coercion, lost income and social ostracizing.

Clinical studies have already been conducted to determine the best way to force the population to comply with upcoming experimental RNA-modifying injections. This paper warns that “noncompliance should incur a penalty” which includes isolation and lost income. The paper calls for penalties to be “relatively substantial” including “employment suspension or stay-at-home orders.” The authors of the NEJM paper come from Yale, Stanford University and Indiana University — institutions that are financed by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the mandatory vaccine zealots who are interested in population control and eugenics.

Bill Gates releases his game plan to weaken people into compliance

Event 201, hosted by Bill Gates in 2019, laid out the foundation to vaccinate 7 billion people on the planet using pandemic messaging. The upcoming vaccine technology is a new RNA and cell modifying platform that reprograms ribosomes of human cells to produce properties of virus spike proteins, augmenting experimental immune responses. Mandatory vaccination is not only overt control over people’s bodies and minds (human slavery), but the science itself is a form of physiological slavery, reprogramming human immune systems to be dependent on the perpetual use of RNA therapy injections and their experimental modifications of human cells.

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Bill Gates and his eugenicist friends want human compliance, and that starts by weakening the population with threats to their livelihood, as seen in the totalitarian public health responses carried out in 2020. Healthy people are threatened with home arrest, isolation from their family and friends, oxygen reduction shaming through mandatory mask threats, among other abusive negative reinforcements that coerce compliance to a medical police state and a forced vaccination new-world-order. Human beings have been forced to believe they will get their freedom back as soon as a vaccine is available, and it’s this kind of coercion that is the antithesis of what freedom is really all about. (Related: Clinical trials reveal that more people might get symptoms and be hospitalized from Moderna’s mRNA covid-19 vaccine than from a theoretical infection.)

Employers will be threatened with shutdown and lawsuit until they force employees to get vaccinated

Because people have generally complied in 2020 with other useless medical edicts, the central vaccine planners acknowledge that voluntary measures will work at first. The paper remands that “six substantive criteria” must be met before the state can force people to vaccinate through punishment. Initially, people will let their guard down because the plan at first is to “encourage voluntary uptake…using means such as public education campaigns and free vaccination.”

For those who don’t initially comply, they will be blamed for future outbreaks of respiratory illness and future artificial outbreaks created by oversensitive, false positive PCR testing that continues to detect non-infectious viral debris that only perpetuates pandemic messaging. Once these dissenters are socially ostracized, they will comply. Others will ultimately be convinced to submit because it’s “for the good of all.” They won’t want to be labeled “anti-science” and be the outcast among their peers.

If these plans do not work, then employers will be threatened with putting the public health at risk if they do not force their employees, vendors and/or customers to submit to the vaccine protocol. Employers, afraid of being shut down or sued for not implementing the CDC rules, will ultimately push people into home arrest or termination from employment. This abusive coercion is already being carried out with social distancing and mask mandate protocols, which were intended to gauge human compliance before the vaccine was made available. This financial and livelihood pressure will ultimately force wide scale vaccine compliance, unless the people rebel and demand an end to medical tyranny.

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