How many individuals in this country are tracking the number of COVID-19 cases and deaths in the area on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis? Ever wonder what they are looking at? Well, if you put into a search engine the phrase “number of COVID-19 cases and deaths in [place your county and State here]” you will receive in your returns the site that will inform you of the statistics for your county. Now, looking at that number might cause some individuals to gasp, particularly if that number is high based on the number of county residents. But, is that number accurate? Let’s take a walk down Con-VID case lane.

In Newton County, Georgia, indicates the number of Con-VID-19 cases is 2,234 with 58 deaths reported. In a county with approximately 105,000 residents, that is roughly a little over 2 percent of the population that has been affected and indicates a 2.5 percent death rate. But, if you scroll down and look at the graph, it shows a rapid increase in cases since the first case appeared on March 15, 2020. However, this cumulative number is quite deceiving since the number does not take into account the number of individuals who have recovered from Con-VID-19. One can safely assume that the individual “diagnosed” with Con-VID on March 15th is no longer sick or has been placed in the number of deaths category. So, what is the real number?

In most illnesses or diseases, the total number of individuals affected is usually followed by the number of individuals recovered, number of individuals active, number of asymptomatic individuals, and number of deaths – the totals of those four categories should equal the total number of individuals affected. Moreover, the tally omits the number of individuals tested. As we have seen, the cumulative number of individuals is always reported ensuring that the number will always increase, never decrease, to continue to stoke fear and be the cause for ever-increasing draconian tyranny to be enacted by local, State and national government. Asymptomatic individuals pose no risk to anyone. Then, if you take into account the number of false positives, what is the real number? That is the multimillion-dollar question that if anyone could answer would blow the “official narrative” out into space.

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Michael Thau of exposed how the testing for Con-VID-19 is a scam exposed by a simple experiment.

Let’s try a little thought experiment.

Suppose that, after surveying 100 people, I discover 10 of them are left-handed.

The next day I survey 200 people and turn up 20 southpaws.

On each of the next 8 days, I survey 100 more people than the previous one. And the number of left-handers keeps increasing by 10.

Finally, suppose that I send a reporter the following graph (which is not the one mentioned in the title, you’ll find that further down) to use in a story headlined: 

Number of Left-Handers Mysteriously Grows!


If all of that happened, two things would be obvious:

  1. My reporter accomplice and I would be perpetrating a hoax.
  2. You’d be an idiot to fall for it.

If we keep surveying more people for left-handedness, then, of course, we’ll keep finding more.

If for some bizarre reason you started suspecting that the number of left-handed people might be mysteriously rising, you wouldn’t care about the absolute number I find each day when you send me out to test your hypothesis.

What you’d want to know is the ratio of the number of left-handed people I discovered on any given day out of the total number I surveyed.

On the first day, it was 10/100 = 1/10.

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On the second day, it was 20/200, which is still 1/10.

On the third day, it was  30/300, which, again, is equal to 1/10.

The ratio of those who, as it were, tested positive to the total number tested stayed at 1/10 every single day.

Hence, contrary to the scam my reporter friend and I were trying to run, the number of left-handed people didn’t increase at all.

Isn’t this what the American public has fallen for when looking at Con-VID-19 cases that continue to rise? Yes it is. Remember, the tests being used are not for diagnostic purposes, according to the creator of the RT-PCR test – Kary Mullis, have an 80% false positive rate, and detect “genetic material” of Con-VID-19, which has been discovered to be the same as human genome 8: primary assembly. Moreover, not one scientist has isolated the actual microorganism purported to cause Con-VID-19; and, the method these scientists have used departed from the accepted gold standard and did not meet Koch’s or Rivers’ postulates.

Thau continued:

Except somehow, the very same scam has been successfully used to convince the American public that the U.S. suffered an enormous “second wave” of COVID-19 infections in July; which of course, in turn, was then used to justify the continued imposition of completely unprecedented and equally unnecessary restrictions on our liberty that make the taxes King George III leveled on our founding fathers look trivial by comparison.

States and local governments have issued unconstitutional, unlawful, illegal “mask mandates”, with some local governments passing ordinances for the atrocious face coverings that have been proven to be ineffective in containing the spread of any illness and can be harmful to your own health should you don one. Many local schools have “mandated” children wear masks or face coverings in order to open schools while other localities have opted to participate in “virtual school” where teachers are able to spy inside your home. Thau provides a link to a long list of research, which Sons of Liberty media has previously reported, indicating that masks don’t work.

According to Thau, if we look at the very first documented case here in the united States, we find that she had traveled to China, was hospitalized with pneumonia a week later, diagnosed with Con-VID-19, had 372 contacts, but only transmitted it to one individual – her husband, after she developed symptoms. He, in turn, infected no one. So, we know that asymptomatic individuals cannot transmit Con-VID-19. But, Trump’s appointed “Con-VID-19 expert”, Dr. Anthony S. Fauci, reported in January of 2020 that asymptomatic transmission does not drive outbreaks.

“Even if there is some asymptomatic transmission, in all the history of respiratory born viruses of any type, asymptomatic transmission has never been the driver of outbreaks”, Anthony S. Fauci, January, 28, 2020.

So, why did the united States “lockdown”, governors determine what businesses were essential and non-essential, and issue wildly exaggerated fatality rates only two months later? And, during the same month, Fauci and Robert Redfield co-authored a piece at the New England Journal of Medicine indicating the fatality rate of Con-VID-19 was akin to that of influenza at 0.1%. In a staggering departure from accepted medical standards, well individuals were instructed to “quarantine” at home along with ill and high-risk individuals. It’s the perpetuation of an agenda put in place some time ago that will see millions injured or dead – not from Con-VID-19 – but from a hastily, recklessly, fast-tracked vaccine laced with poison and God knows what else.

Take a look at the graphs Thau provided to see that the supposed second wave of Con-VID-19 is phony, just as the numbers of Con-VID-19 cases in Newton County, Georgia.

Thau leveled some serious valid charges against Fauci and Redfield.

Given that the virus only poses a real threat to the elderly and antecedently ill anyway, all we ever needed to do was keep sick people away from them instead of, you know, forcing infected patients into nursing homes like the man Anthony Fauci singled out for doing such a bang-up job handling the virus, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo did.

But, for the moment, let’s adopt the same attitude that Congress and the Department of Justice evidently have.

Let’s totally ignore that the U.S. officials charged with guarding public health engaged in a deliberate campaign of disinformation in order to get Americans to accept a bunch of completely unnecessary restrictions that rained down untold hardship, misery, and death.

Even had the deadly rules inflicted on us served some legitimate end, the spike in cases being used to justify keeping them in place is just as much a hoax as my graph showing a mysterious increase in left-handed Americans.

Fauci, CDC director Robert Redfield, and the rest of the bureaucrats who pushed us into needlessly self-immolating over COVID-19 may not be the scientific geniuses the media has hyped them as. But they aren’t dumb enough not to know that second enormous gray wave of COVID-19 infections comes from fraudulently presenting the wrong data.

Yet they did nothing to correct the needless hysteria it caused and, in fact, helped sustain it by insisting that further restrictions like forcing everyone to wear masks were necessary when the real data showed that new COVID-19 cases – apart from a very slight rise that itself likely represents nothing more than the false positives you’re bound to get when you increase testing – were steadily falling to a tiny fraction of their mid-April peak.

It wasn’t just a scam, it was their scam. Just like all the other misinformation about the virus both Fauci and Redfield have been spreading since their hoax began.

And, let’s not forget that the death count for Con-VID-19 has been bogus as well.

Thau refused to let the “experts” off the hook.

Few Americans know that, when a local CBS affiliate examined 581 reported COVID-19 fatalities in Palm Beach, Florida, they discovered that far less than a third (169) had actually died from the virus.

Most don’t even have a clue that the COVID-19 death tally they’ve been terrorized with for months has included motor-cycle fatalities and gunshot victims.

But even taking the massively inflated official death toll we’ve been fed as gospel, last week’s poll shows we’re still witnessing a historically unprecedented episode of mass psychosis.

Yet neither Fauci, Redfield, nor any of the lesser bureaucrats responsible for making sure the American people are accurately informed about the virus has done a d***** thing to correct the completely unjustified state of fear gripping our nation – not even after last week’s poll announced the basic facts about which the public has been so tragically deluded.

Nobody went on television to tell us our fears were groundless and that more lives would be saved if young and healthy Americans stopped panicking about their own well-being and we, instead, focused on keeping the infected away from the elderly and antecedently ill.

Nobody in any of the agencies whose job it is to keep us informed about COVID-19 said a word to correct the dangerous delusions revealed to be gripping the American public.

That by itself ought to be enough to get someone in Congress or at the DOJ to start asking some serious questions about what the experts leading our response to COVID-19 have been up to these past six months.

Sadly though, they seem content to watch us suffer and die, deprived of our liberty, crushed under the needless burden of cruel and humiliating restrictions, huddled in corners afraid to breathe or let anyone else come near, obsessively covering our faces in a delusional state of panic.

Thau’s last paragraph says it all, because it is what is happening and what is being seen when staring at much of the general public covering their faces.

Do another experiment, America. Dress your school-age child in clothes they would normally wear to school. Now, for only a short period of time, place a mask on your child. Quickly, put a different color shirt over their current shirt, don another different color pair of pants, place a baseball cap on their head, stuff a girl’s long hair under the cap, and turn the mask inside out. Do you recognize your child? Would anyone else if a stranger kidnapped a child, did the same thing, but placed duct tape over their mouth? No one would be able to see the duct tape under the mask. Yes, this is a real danger; but, the fear paralyzed public hasn’t thought about that – only the inflated danger of Con-VID-19.

Scientists have not proven this is anything new. In fact, my Mom, Dad, sister and her family and I contracted some type of illness in the summer of 2016 with the exact same symptoms being contributed to Con-VID-19. Dad developed pneumonia and was hospitalized. All of us recovered, but no doctor knew what we had. No one had traveled internationally and none of us could figure out where we became ill. We were all under the same roof in close proximity doing what normal families do.

Scientists have not proven this is a virus. In fact, science hasn’t proven anything, only assumed. These assumptions have been used and perverted by those with an agenda to devastate the united States and its people. So far, they have been successful. Unfortunately, much of the American public caved to fear without demanding any evidence or accurate record-keeping, crippling and devastating themselves, while the second greatest crime is perpetrated on the people. As has become the norm, not one individual will be held accountable for this crime.

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Article posted with permission from Sons of Liberty Media

Suzanne Hamner (pen name) is a registered nurse, grandmother of 4, and a political independent residing in the state of Georgia, who is trying to mobilize the Christian community in her area to stand up and speak out against tyrannical government, invasion by totalitarian political systems masquerading as religion and get back to the basics of education.