The United Kingdom is experiencing a tyranny far greater than the US when it comes to the COVID narrative. Talks later this month will gag those attending from speaking about 5G. However, a hypothesis has been put forward by a registered nurse who writes for She believes with the evidence available that it’s quite possible that COVID may actually be a parasite, and not a virus at all due to the fact that hydroxychloroquine as well as other drugs and natural substances that treat parasites that bring about malaria work on COVID patients.  Nurse Kate Shemirani from the UK and nurse Joni Johnson from the US discuss the theory of parasite versus virus in this episode, plus that added tyranny of what COVID is producing in the UK.

Nurse Joni’s thoughts on the subject.

We keep hearing this “coronavirus”/COVID-19 that no one has identified.  The symptoms are common to lots of viruses, bacterial infections and parasites.  Malaria is caused by a parasite that infects you if you are bitten by a mosquito that carries the parasite.   The symptoms of malaria are similar to COVID-19.
Viruses do not respond to antibiotics or anti-parasitics.  However, this COVID-19 is responsive with hydroxychloroquine, brand name Plaquenil, which treats the parasite that causes malaria.  A side effect of this drug is it decreases an individual’s immune response or immune system, which is why it works well for lupus and rheumatoid arthritis – both auto-immune disorders where the immune system attacks the body.  Now, because of the decrease in immune response, an antibiotic is given to prevent opportunistic bacterial infections.  The zinc helps with boosting the immune system, thyroid function, wound healing, and blood clotting.  Zinc is also found in the eyes and needed for proper vision.
Everyone jumped on this as a “virus” because China said so and said it initially started in “wet markets”.  But, who has been able to verify that?  WHO?  Like that organization can be trusted.  Did it start in a lab?  We know that 5G can produce coronavirus structures and 5G radio wave sickness produces the same symptoms that “COVID-19” can.  The standard methodology for isolating any microorganism has not been followed.  So, no one knows what is being obtained as “genetic material”, which is not even a criteria in Koch’s or Rivers postulates.
And, it’s convenient that a test that was not created for diagnosis is being used to “diagnose” this and the skewed results are so atrocious that it cannot be said that someone has COVID-19 based on any positive test result.  So, the question is, “what are we looking at here?”
I would guess this may not be a virus.  But, if it is, why weren’t the animals in this “wet market” examined for a pathogen – think of the movie “Outbreak”.  That would have been the easiest way to isolate the microorganism if that was its origin.  But, what if it is like a vector borne parasite, like malaria, that evolved into a direct or indirect transmission, similar to scabies.
I’m not a doctor or medical researcher but it makes sense to me that if it follows the same rules as other viruses, then hydroxychloroquine, zinc and Zithromax would not be effective.  But, if it is something parasitic, one that hasn’t been seen before, that is susceptible to hydroxychloroquine, then it makes sense that the drug would work.
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