So, while the mainstream media from Fox News to MSN to CNN to others in between to us that George Floyd never resisted arrest, video shows otherwise.  Now, before you take a look at the video, understand that I do not believe this should have resulted in the man having an Israeli-trained knee in the neck for eight minutes that would ultimately kill him, but it does show you that the mainstream media has an agenda and that agenda is to incite the people.

Here’s the video.

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The mainstream media had this content but chose not to show it.


Well, consider Operation Mockingbird and the agenda to divide the people and bait them towards a “race war.”

Over at Fellowship of the Minds, the Deplorable Patriot writes:

Video footage the MSM fake news conveniently kept out of their “breaking news story” has surfaced of George Floyd resisting arrest for around three minutes.

Would this have stopped the riots? No. Fake news had made their minds up. They were going do their part at destroying the country. They were sticking to the plan.

*”One of the most obvious ways to tell I’f [sic] a event could be faked is paying attention to the news release. It’s a dead giveaway when you see all the networks releasing the same exact story, at the same time.”
This video just adds to the long list of events that fake news got caught at “faking news”.

There you have it.  Floyd did indeed resist arrest.  The entire fake news complex lied to you, again.  They specifically said Floyd didn’t resist arrest.

This is just another example why I quit believing everything the news media puts out..  Some might think that’s a little extreme.  No. It’s the only logical, smart solution.  The days of me saying “they lie sometimes but usually they are pretty honest”  were gone long ago.  If you say you can tell the difference simply by using your best judgement, all you are really doing is selecting what you feel comfortable with. That does not make it true.

People saw the video.  They saw Floyd die.. Somebody mentioned in the comment section in a prior post of mine.  Something along the lines that “it’s going to take more than different time stamps to change my mind”.

Five simple points, out of many.

  1. MSM lies all the time
  2. “Floyd is dead because the video shows it.”  Yes, the video looks like someone got killed or died of something. .. I get it, you’re convinced.  Now go turn on your TV or watch your favorite movie on the internet.   Why do you watch what you are watching?  It’s because the character’s seem real.  A block buster movie only becomes a hit if the movie is good.  This requires the actors being skilled enough to convince you the roles the play are real..  Seeing is no longer believing.   If you believe Floyd is dead because it was captured on video, then you have to believe everything in all movies/videos  are true.
  3. If we wanted to use a video deposition in court, most states require the date/time to be burned into the video at the time of recording.  If the date is off/time is off, they cannot be used in court.  All the videos  times were different..  Floyd videos should not be legit evidence in court.  *Time/ date can be faked in any video.  Even when time of recording is hurned into video.
  4. To convict, there cannot be a reasonable doubt.   Time/date or anything else that’s seemd [sic] wrong with this event causes reasonable doubt.  Innocent until proven guilty.
  5. Reliability of source of video.

So, we were lied to in this regard, and some have professed that we were lied to about the entire incident and that it was staged.  That very well could be the case.  After all, unless we were actually there and could identify the man and then went to the morgue to see his deceased body, I question everything at this point.  However, being provided the information we were provided, this provided cover for how some began to gain from this incident.

Who gained?  Deplorable Patriot lists those too.

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  • Floyd family got millions in donations. Fame and fortune.
  • Black LIves [sic] Matter seemed to grow in numbers.  They assaulted and killed police officers which continues at this very moment.  They ignore black on black deaths., or any other death in the black community..  They’ve actually got people giving in to their demands..  Some are actually kneeling for them, because BLM expects it.  .  Yes, they have been successful proving racism and bigotry exist in America.  BlM being perhaps the most openly racist group to ever exist in America..
  • Let’s not forget the 35 million and more BLM has received in donations..  Unfortunate for them,  the people handling their money, the Minnesota Freedom Fund (MFF) has inly spent  $200,000 of the money on bail money for protesters.  They haven’t said where the rest of the money went.  MFF deleted the board members(which are almost all white) page on their site and they quit accepting donations.  They already admitted on Twitter that ” the donations are turned over to ACTBLUE.  ACTBLUE then give it to the democrats”.  That’s because ACTBLUE is part of the Democrat party. Looks like the democrats hustled BLM.  Watch, BLM will still support democrats.
  • Democrats have shown how much they love their voter base by allowing out of town rioters to destroy their cities, their businesses, get assaulted, killed and have their whole lives destoyed [sic].
  • Biden says Floyd is more important than MLK.
  • Science makes discovery that protesting will keep you safe from getting covid19 but attending church, working, etc, increases your chance to get the virus.
  • The first time in history that a transperson parent got to fight alongside their transchildren and transhgrandkids [sic] with their trans dog and trans bird. Take over American soil.  They did this through violence and declared their own country.  Perhaps the #1 country of starving people because the homeless stole all the food the firds day.
  • The first time a unknown rapper declares himself the police after removing the police because they didn’t want police there.  He also declares himself to be leader of country by beating and who knows what.  Proving the people with guns win. Tupac and biggie would be proud.
  • Floyd so influential and important that he gets minute by minute coverage the day he is buried.  He gets second by second camera coverage from helicopter of his car as it travels to his resting grounds. The man is treated like a Saint, even though he was a hardened thug who died while being arrested for committing a crime that is a violation of federal law, which can carry a sentence of 20 years.
  • Police are getting replaced and now, just as I predicted, democrats are going after their weapons.
  • Muslims love the replacing the police with something like community police.  Perfect because to Muslims, community police is religion police or the morality police.  That gives them a chance to bring in Sharia law.

As the old saying goes, follow the money to see who profits and all those above profited, but so did the MSM.

I wonder if self-professed “news nutritionists” Newsguard will be calling out all those outlets they gave green badges that I mentioned above as less than truthful.  I’m not gonna hold my breath.

Article posted with permission from Sons of Liberty Media

Tim Brown is an author and Editor at and He is husband to his “more precious than rubies” wife, father of 10 “mighty arrows”, jack of all trades, Christian and lover of liberty. He resides in the U.S. occupied Great State of South Carolina. . Follow Tim on Twitter. Also check him out on GabMindsMeWeSpreelyMumbl It and Steemit

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