Large media outlets can never be trusted.


I don’t care what country they call home.

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This evening I was doing a search for blogs in Taiwan and China and found several of them have experienced interruptions in service.

How convenient.

Eventually I stumbled upon some information from National File that is deeply disturbing.

Chinese state-run newspaper the Global Times posted an image of a purported “novel coronavirus hospital” called Huoshenshan Hospital on Twitter Monday.

1st building of #Wuhan‘s special novel #Coronavirus hospital, Huoshenshan Hospital, completed construction on Monday, in 16 hours,” the tweet read. “It is expected to be transferred to the military for management on February 2. Another Leishenshan Hospital is also under construction.”

1st building of #Wuhan‘s special novel #Coronavirus hospital, Huoshenshan Hospital, completed construction on Monday, in 16 hours. It is expected to be transferred to the military for management on February 2. Another Leishenshan Hospital is also under construction.

— Global Times (@globaltimesnews) January 27, 2020


Click the timestamp on the tweet and you will see it has been taken down by Global Times, or another source inside Twitter.


Because the tweet was pure propaganda.

Here’s more from National File…

The tweet was quickly scrutinized by people who noticed that the image of Huoshenshan Hospital provided by Global Times is actually an Alibaba stock photo for a portable “container school building.”

The images have been available on the internet months prior to the tweet by Global Times celebrating a new “hospital.”

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The Container School Building is a product produced by K-Home, a company based in Hongqi District, Xinxiang, China.

Very convenient that they would find an old stock photo and represent it as NEW, isn’t it?

Where have we seen that before?

Is ABC taking plays from China’s playbook or are they using ours?

It really doesn’t matter.

Most big news outlets, if not all, use fake photos to embellish their fake news.

Here’s more from National File:

As National File reported earlier today, the emergency coronavirus hospitals actually being built in China more closely resemble trailer units, with barred steel windows and doors with locks on the outside:

A video posted to Twitter by a Chinese government official shows the construction of metal trailers with bars on the windows and locks on the outside of the doors.

The video was posted by Lijian Zhao, Deputy Director General of the Information Department, Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“We are racing against time,” Zhao said. “The 1st building of #Wuhan‘s #Coronavirus hospital, Huoshenshan hospital, was completed in 16 hours.”

Zhao continued, “China Construction which built the hospital is the same company which built the Multan-Sukkor Motorway and the Centaurus. Let’s pray for Wuhan & China!”

The “hospital” shown in the video appears to be a type of corrugated metal units with metal bars on the windows.

Scary stuff. Source

Global Times, the newspaper that posted the image, is a daily tabloid newspaper run by the Chinese Communist Party’s People’s Daily newspaper, providing a Chinese nationalist perspective on international issues.

I think the fake hospitals are less frightening than the alleged real hospitals.

Either way, the point is that a Chinese Media outlet got caught with fake news and deleted the tweet rather than defending it.

I’ve seen enough.

Have you?

Global Times has 1.6 million followers on Twitter.

I always hesitate to use Wikipedia as a source, but this is what they say about Global Times.

The Global Times (simplified Chinese环球时报traditional Chinese環球時報pinyinHuánqiú Shíbào) is a daily tabloid newspaper under the auspices of the Chinese Communist Party‘s People’s Daily newspaper, commenting on international issues from a nationalistic perspective.[1][2]

So, in short we are dealing with a communist state-run news source reporting stories that the world is eating up.

How many of them have been false?

We have to wonder how many of these Coronavirus stories are even real once they hit news cycles in the USA.

I personally reported on the Wuhan resident above.

Even as I was writing the story, I knew in the back of my mind that the person could be a Chinese propagandist.

I see two distinct possibilities here.

  1. The virus is a total false flag. Not that it doesn’t exist, but maybe stories and numbers are being over-inflated for a reason.
  2. The virus is real and the propaganda that makes it through is meant to downplay the situation and make it look like China has things under control, because they don’t.

Coming days, weeks and months will be quite interesting.

What do you think?

Because your guess is as good as, if not better than, mine.

Are millions about to die, or are they at least in grave danger?

Or is this just another well-orchestrated false flag that will somehow be used to oppress the people?

Dean Garrison is Publisher of DC Clothesline and DC Dirty Laundry