As [primarily, no, overwhelmingly] white Virginia gun owners prepare to descend upon Richmond and declare their support for the 2nd Amendment in the face of tyranny (all possible because of demographic change courtesy of mass immigration), it’s important to remember who/whom in the Commonwealth is responsible for violent crime.

Gun crime in Richmond, Virginia Beach, and Norfolk is overwhelmingly committed by blacks. Were data actually published for fatal/nonfatal shootings in Richmond, we’d learn blacks are responsible for close to 96 percent of all fatal/nonfatal gun crime in the capital city of Virginia.

But this data is rarely published by police departments, because it would only confirm stereotypes about gun crime we all know to be true.

The statistics are right there, if you just know where to look. Virginia is an 62 percent white state. Its population is 19 percent black.

The 2018 Virginia Uniform Crime Report provides an interesting look at violent crime in the 62 percent white state:

  • There were 355 known homicide offenders in 2018, with 249 of those offenders being black.
  • This means 70 percent of known homicide offenders in the 19 percent black state of Virginia in 2018 were black.

Though blacks are just 19 percent of the population, they represented 70 percent of the arrests for homicide in the state of Virginia in 2018.

It should be noted Hispanics are lumped in with whites in the Virginia Uniform Crime Report.

Per capita…

Despite being…

This means blacks were 8 times more likely than whites to be arrested for homicide in Virginia in 2018.

If only the Richmond Police Department would release fatal/nonfatal shooting data by suspects race, we’d be able to find out who/whom is committing all the gun crime in the capital city of Virginia. Odds are it’s close to 98 percent fatal/nonfatal shootings being committed by blacks.

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