Does everything coming from the left have to be about false victimhood?

Apparently it does.

Some students at Georgia Southern did not appreciate the school choosing a lecturer who talked about “White Privilege” and decided to bonfire her book in protest.

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Students at Georgia Southern University participated in an archaic demonstration earlier this week to showcase their disagreement with an author who spoke at the school and challenged them to examine the societal benefits associated with race in the US.

University of Nebraska-Lincoln professor and author of “Make Your Home Among Strangers” Jennine Capó Crucet received harsh backlash from students at Georgia Southern University and is even being called a racist after obliging the school’s request to hold a seminar.

Crucet spoke to students Wednesday night at the school’s Performing Arts Center and expounded on a number of topics related to her self-inspired novel, which follows a Hispanic girl’s struggles to navigate a prestigious, predominantly white university.

“Make Your Home Among Strangers” was required reading for some students who participated in the “First Year Experience” (FYE) course.

Students from the school, which reportedly has a student body that is 62% white, 26% black, 5% Hispanic and 2% Asian, openly expressed their disdain for Crucet’s comments on white privilege and stories about her personal experience at Cornell University during the lecture’s Q&A session.

“I noticed that you made a lot of generalizations about the majority of white people being privileged,” said one student, according to The George-Anne, the school’s student-run newspaper. “What makes you believe that it’s okay to come to a college campus, like this, when we are supposed to be promoting diversity on this campus, which is what we’re taught? I don’t understand what the purpose of this was.”

Crucet responded to the student and explained that white privilege in the US is a “real thing that you are actually benefiting from right now in even asking this question.”



Then came the book burning…

Georgia Southern’s enrollment is 62% White.

Whenever you write that check to your child’s university, keep in mind that you may be funding this sort of senseless brainwashing.

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If your child depends on loans and grants, then we all pay for it.

What does this racial brainwashing have to do with teaching valuable skills that make our youth valuable in the job market?


Here’s more from Sputnik:

The school paper noted that despite several students walking out of the lecture, many stayed and asked Crucet questions about her experience and perspective as a Latina. The author later thanked those “very amazing and brilliant” individuals on Twitter.

Later that night, however, students on the other end of the spectrum chose to conduct a public showing of their displeasure and burned copies of Crucet’s novel.

John Lester, the school’s vice president of communications, condemned the actions in an email to The Hill and said the “book burning does not align with Georgia Southern’s values nor does it encourage the civil discourse and debate of ideas,” but stopped short of taking any further action for the public demonstration, as he said the display was well within the students’ First Amendment rights.

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The Author/Lecturer didn’t like students burning her book.

It seems like those who push hate don’t like it when the hate is pushed back at them.

Book burning is a free speech right, but it is very childish.

I’d like to see the White students of Georgia Southern who participated, which was very few, look for better ways to protest than silly bonfires and burning a couple of dozen books.

Maybe they should write their own books and call Capo Crucet out on her obvious B.S.

It is good to see, however, that they didn’t just automatically accept her every word.

That’s what the leftists want.

What kind of “institution of higher learning” hires a speaker to come tell the majority of its students that they are at the wrong end of the color scale?

Last I checked, there was really no such thing as “racism” because we are ALL part of the human race.

Still, the left wants to tear us apart.

This is their agenda.

White Privilege…

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