Last week, I spoke on my radio show about the campaign to smear Infowars founder Alex Jones through claims that he knowingly handed over child porn in a plethora of emails to attorneys for the families of Sandy Hook victims. Now, after multiple fake news media outlets, along with commentator Ben Shapiro have decided to jump on the bandwagon and smear Jones without providing the full details of what actually took place, an attorney for Jones has put them all on notice that they may very well face a lawsuit for their slander and libel.

Of course, BuzzFeed led the charge with their fake news, which they had to reverse their headline on.

First, Paul Joseph Watson laid out the details of the attacks in a series of tweets.

  • The emails were sent to Infowars by a third party
  • The FBI’s investigation is treating Jones as the victim
  • The mass media ran a giant hoax claiming Jones sent the emails to Sandy Hook parents.
  • The emails ended up in a spam folder and were never opened by Infowars staff
  • The emails sent to Infowars were “very hostile” and contained threats against Jones
  • The entire farce was likely a set-up to frame Jones

“Jones is gonna be busy suing a lot of media outlets for this.”

He then followed up by tweeting, “This serves as a warning to anyone on the right. DO NOT open potentially malicious email attachments. The media will try to frame you for possessing illegal material even if you are the victim. Absolutely incredible.”

Actually, Buzzfeed’s headline was originally that the emails were sent to parents of victims. The outlet didn’t even have the decency to post a correction notice, and have since removed comments that blasted them for a misleading headline. But hey, you can trust them because they have the green badge from NewsGuard (wink, wink), and we all know NewsGuard is about setting the standard in journalism (wink, wink).

Attorney Robert Barnes put the mainstream media on notice that lawsuits are coming.

At Infowars, it was posted:

Robert Barnes Makes MAJOR Announcements In Sandy Hook Media Hoax

Several MSM Publications Will Be Held Accountable For Libelous, Defamatory, Fake News Headlines

The Sandy Hook media hoax has reached unprecedented levels with the MSM doing an all-out fake news assault on Alex Jones. Attorney Robert Barnes joins Alex via Skype to expose the MSM smears and reveal what’s next in the battle for free speech.

Then there was commentator and antichrist Ben Shapiro who also jumped right into the conversation in a similar manner that he did concerning the Covington slander and libel. Apparently, he didn’t learn his lesson the first time around and retweeted this.

Apparently, I wasn’t the only one that saw that Shapiro didn’t learn his lesson.

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I’ve been around a while and have had several people in conservative and libertarian circles be sent pdf documents with child porn embedded in them or other emails with such things. In fact, it probably is more common than any of us think.

It sort of makes you wonder if all that is done in an effort to scare conservative voices that speak the truth against real pedophiles and criminals, doesn’t it?

Article posted with permission from Sons Of Liberty Media