(Natural News) Back in 2008, ABC aired a global warming propaganda series entitled, “Earth 2100” that predicted major calamities to occur all around the world by the year 2015 as a result of climate change. But, wouldn’t you know it? None of the show’s fear-mongering prognostications ever actually came to pass.

During a recent episode of his radio show, conservative commentator Rush Limbaugh mocked the contents of a trailer for “Earth 2100” that once aired as part of a “Good Morning America” promotion. In it, the on-screen subtitles suggested that past civilizations like the Roman and Mayan empires collapsed, not because of war and conflict, but because of climate change.

“100 years from now, if New York is abandoned, I picture some explorer coming to Manhattan saying, ‘Those ignorant people! How on earth could they have ever expected to survive?’” one of the film’s “experts” is heard saying during the promo, along with scary music and imagery of the planet dying.

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“We’re running out of oil. We’re running out of water. We’re running out of atmosphere. We’re poisoning the whole planet,” another “expert” declares during the promo, amid graphics of oil wells, deserts, and street pollution.

You can watch the full clip of the promo below:

Global warming fear-mongers hilariously claimed that a gallon of milk would be $13, and a gallon of gas more than $9, by 2015

It’s admittedly difficult to get through this entire promo clip without at least a chuckle, seeing as how the claims made in it are about as credible as Al Gore insisting that the normal tide cycles in Miami are a consequence of global warming-induced rising ocean levels.

But this is what passes as “science” to deranged climate cultists, many of whom continue to lament that inclement weather patterns must be a result of global warming. Even though the evidence is questionable, at best, in defense of such claims, climate apologists insist that the polar ice caps are melting, polar bears are starving, and everyone is going to die in 12 years unless global climate taxes are forcibly implemented.

“They were predicting that by 2015 – four years ago – milk would be 13 bucks a gallon, and gasoline over $9 a gallon,” Limbaugh joked on his show. “The video effects show Manhattan half underwater. They show very little of Miami left.”

Perhaps the worst part of the promo are the clips of young people stating that they’re ‘scared as hell right now’ about climate change destroying the planet – these extreme symptoms of climate anxiety stemming from the doomsday nonsense constantly being peddled by climate lunatics like those featured in the promo.

“One can hope that suddenly society will realize that it’s on a doomsday path, and change very rapidly,” one such lunatic is heard stating in the video.

“If we continue on the business-as-usual trajectory, there will be a tipping point that we cannot avert. We will indeed drive the car over the cliff,” laments another.

“We have a chance to get it right. We have a chance to move in the right direction now. I don’t think that window of opportunity is going to be open for very long,” states yet another, hilariously using infomercial Act Now! marketing tactics to sell the idea to viewers that we must do something immediately if we’re to even have a chance at surviving global warming.

More than a decade has since passed, however, and we’re all still here – along with the ice caps and polar bears that these crazies said should already have been long gone. Who’s in denial now?

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