The Telecom Industry can’t even say that 5G technology is safe.  Insurance companies don’t even cover them anymore – it’s too risky.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is also being investigated for COLLUSION with the Telecom Industry regarding already passed federal 5G legislation that eliminated municipal control over the installation of risky and harmful 4G and 5G small cell tower and infrastructure technology.

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An increasing number of Americans are fighting this legislation – and installation – everywhere including doctors, elected officials, environmentalistsscientists, and tribal groups.

Not only that – embarrassingly awful Internet of Things (IoT) technology is part of the 5G game plan.  IoT has been lambasted by security experts for the past few years because of its almost 75% failure rate.  Almost 75%!  By most people’s standards –probably even Trump’s – IoT would be considered for losers. Even more bizarre – since Trump can’t stop insisting we need better national security, why would he support the installation of IoT anywhere?  Besides it being a cybersecurity nightmare – incorporating all of this new related technology is part of the Green New Dealwhich Trump has vehemently claimed is un-American. 

Regardless – Trump tweeted yesterday in support of harmful 5G and even 6G technology.  (See 12, 3)  Has 6G even been tested yet?  All of this completely contradicts Trump’s campaign promise to “Give the country back to the people.”  So WTF?

More details from Jon Rappoport:

“Along with the 5G there is another thing coming — Internet of Things. If you look at it…the radiation level is going to increase tremendously and yet the industry is very excited about it… they project 5G/IoT business to be a $7 trillion business.” — Prof. Girish Kumar, Professor at Electrical Engineering Department at IIT Bombay

5G, the latest and greatest method of faster wireless transmission, is coming on with a storm.

A few of the many corporations involved include Samsung, Intel, Qualcomm, Nokia, Huawei, Ericsson, ZTE. This is a global operation, and many governments are backing the push.

And the consumer gets what? The ability to watch the reruns of Law&Order he’s already watching? His current TV reception isn’t good enough? The appliances in his home will all be connected to Internet and talk to each other and spy on him and record his energy use, in conjunction with smart meters, for the Greater Good.

Somehow, you really need your toaster connected to the Internet? You want that? You can’t get along without that?

UNDOUBTEDLY, A KEY PART OF THE 5G PROGRAM IS, EVENTUALLY, MASSIVE NUMBERS OF DRIVERLESS CARS ON ROADS ALL OVER THE WORLD. This is the plan. Cars are connected and talk to each other. Humans play no role in this. The Technocratic Internet of Things decides how, at any given moment, to regulate traffic flows. Humans learn to be passive.


“Mr. Jones, this is the voice of your house speaking. You have reached the assigned limit of your energy use for the month. Try to get along without energy until next month’s allotment comes online…”

From (5/12/17),

“5G and IoT [Internet of Things] promises to connect us in our homes, schools, workplaces, cities, parks and open spaces to over a trillion objects around the world. It promises cars that drive themselves, washing machines that order their own washing powder and softener plus of course super fast downloads and streaming.”

“5G will utilize smaller cell stations (and the technology of beamforming) that’ll scramble/unscramble and redirect packets of data on a no-interference path back to us. This could mean wireless antennas on every lamp post, utility pole, home and business throughout entire neighborhoods, towns and cities.”

“Thousands of studies link low-level wireless radio frequency radiation exposures to a long list of adverse biological effects, including:

  • DNA single and double strand breaks
  • oxidative damage
  • disruption of cell metabolism
  • increased blood brain barrier permeability
  • melatonin reduction
  • disruption to brain glucose metabolism
  • generation of stress proteins”

So how does competing to win the race to be the first to install any of this risky new technologyMake America Great Again”?


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