“Act of Intolerance” causes complete meltdown amongst snowflake students


A handwritten sign that read “#BuildTheWall” posted in a dorm at Stanford University caused a complete meltdown amongst snowflake students and staff members, with one declaring it an act of “hate speech”.

The controversy began when signs started to appear across the university encouraging students to “report ICE activity” in the hopes of preventing immigration officials from enforcing the law.

However, when one of these signs was torn down, university officials immediately declared it to be an “Act of Intolerance”.

According to internal emails sent to students and obtained by Infowars, a sign that read “#BuildTheWall” was put up in place of the original.

Biology lecturer Andrew Todhunter sent an email to students in which he described the incident as a “hateful act,” before claiming residents, “Now feel unsafe in their home here at Stanford.”

The incident was officially deemed to constitute and “Act of Intolerance,” which is any act that targets a group based on, “Gender or gender identity/Race or ethnicity/Disability/Religion/Sexual orientation/NationalityAge/Social or economic status.”

Quite how a handwritten sign supporting the enforcement of immigration laws fits this criteria wasn’t explained in the email.

In response, the MEChA de Stanford student organization responded by printing 200 more of the original yellow anti-ICE flyers and plastering them across campus.

According to MEChA de Stanford’s Araceli Garcia, the “#BuildTheWall” flyer was “blatantly racist and xenophobic”.

In a public Facebook post, student Martin Alcaraz Jr. called the flyer a “hate crime” and said it was evidence that Stanford was encouraging an intolerant environment for students.

One wonders how the same students and staff would have reacted if someone had posted the ‘#BuildTheWall’ sign on their own door. Would they have been targeted for harassment or left alone?

The story is similar in nature to when “It’s okay to be white” signs were posted on campuses at several universities last year, leading to another hysterical moral panic amid claims that the signs represented some kind of threat.

While staffers at Stanford are treating a handwritten sign as an “Act of Intolerance,” the university continues to employ a professor who is accused of endorsing Antifa, a group that is classified by the FBI and the DHS as a terrorist organization.

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