Professor entered class with his face covered ranting about the Koran


Panicked students at a community college in Texas called the police after their Muslim convert professor entered their astronomy class with his face covered and began ranting about the Koran while behaving bizarrely.

Professor Daniel Mashburn entered class wearing a baseball hat, a beanie, a scarf over his face and gloves before immediately turning off the lights.

“The kid next to me had said he was acting very strange, and I looked over at the girl next to me and she seemed very scared,” student April McLeod told Fox News.

Mashburn continued on his diatribe about the Muslim faith and Koran while fiddling with an object in his right-hand pocket, prompting McLeod to flee the class in panic.

“At one point he stood face-to-face with the board of the classroom and was just talking to the board,” she added.

When cops arrived, they searched Mashburn but didn’t find any weapons.

Mashburn then conducted an interview with Fox News during which he stood on a balcony covered in the same clothing while ranting about the universe and the Koran. His freakish behavior is evident throughout the video.

“I am tired of fearing their law. I fear Allah,” he muttered, adding, “I offer you nothing but the Koran, a book and the universe. The universe is in my hand right here. You can look at it.”

This video really emphasizes how colleges are becoming breeding grounds for warped ideologies largely thanks to the demented professors brainwashing an entire generation.

How did this guy even get hired in the first place given his bizarre behavior?

Tarrant County College says they are investigating the incident.



Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison

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