Celeste Guap
Celeste Guap

In just nine days, the city of Oakland, California has gone through not one, not two, but three different police chiefs amid a ridiculous station-wide (actually make that area-wide) sex scandal that’s sprinkled with a racist texting scandal to boot!

It started when Oakland Police Chief Sean Whent resigned, blowing the lid off of a huge sex scandal within the department. Then the s really hit the f:

The Express has learned that the sexual-misconduct scandal involves more than just a few rank-and-file Oakland cops, but also high-ranking officials from departments throughout the Bay Area. A few committed statutory rape of the victim, who was an under-age sex worker at the time, and informed her of undercover police operations…

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[A]t least fourteen Oakland Police officers, three Richmond Police officers, and four Alameda County Sheriff’s deputies had sex with the girl who goes by the name Celeste Guap… Three Oakland police officers committed statutory rape of Guap when she was under-age. She says all of the law-enforcement agents who had sex with Guap knew she worked as a sex worker.

Guap, shown above, happens to be the (now) 18-year-old daughter of one of the department’s dispatchers who was working as a prostitute.

Whent resigned because he knew about at least one cop who was with her and did nothing. Even Whent’s wife reportedly knew about it.

Then Ben Fairow was put in charge, but he was quickly removed on his second day for reasons that Mayor Libby Schaaf refused to announce at the time. It came out anyway that Fairow left due to the fact that he had an extramarital affair a decade ago. The news made sure to point out that his affair had been with a “consenting adult”.

Next up, Paul Figueroa was offered the job… which he resigned in only two days, stating he was, “unable to fulfill the functions of the Acting Chief of Police.” Reportedly he stepped down precisely because, “he did not want intense scrutiny on his personal life.” Apparently he won’t be returning back to his Captain position either. Gee. Wonder why.

What exactly are those duties exactly that no one in the department can seem to properly fill them? And what in the hell is going on in the Oakland PD they can’t seem to find a single person to run the place?

On top of that, it’s come out that some cops have been sending offensive texts about African Americans, things like photoshopping the KKK on a cereal box. Real mature, grown-up stuff.

This is all coming out of a department that was already placed under federal oversight back in 2003 for issues and misconduct.

Now the department has temporarily been placed under civilian control via City Administrator Sabrina Landreth at this time until they can find someoneanyone in law enforcement who isn’t corrupt in some way to run it. Good luck with that.

Piper writes for The Daily Sheeple. There’s a lot of B.S. out there. Someone has to write about it.