Bundy Sons Lose Bid for Release before Trial as Feds do all they can to Keep Cliven Bundy in Jail

The absolutely ridiculous actions of the federal government and the State of Nevada against Cliven Bundy and his sons, along with many other patriots that stood with the Bundy’s at Bundy Ranch in 2014 against federal agents, who were acting against the words of the Constitution, is nothing more than totalitarianism. Federal prosecutors are attempting to keep the elder Bundy behind bars while Ammon and Ryan Bundy were denied pretrial release as a danger to the community and a risk not to return to court.

Understand that these men have not engaged in one act of violence, not one!

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First, from The Salt Lake Tribune:

A federal magistrate judge in Las Vegas says two sons of rancher Cliven Bundy who are accused of leading an armed confrontation with government officers in Nevada in April 2014 will remain in custody pending trial.

Like 17 other co-defendants before them, including their father, Ammon Bundy and Ryan Bundy were deemed to be a danger to the community and a risk not to return to court.

The ruling on Wednesday came with the 19 defendants and their lawyers gearing up for a Friday hearing to set a schedule ahead of trial.

It could be pushed back from May 2.

Here’s the question that should be posed, “What evidence is there that these two brothers are a danger to the community and a risk to not return to court?” They have taken a public stand. They didn’t run from it. They stood their ground. They acted courageously. They didn’t issue threats, but they did warn they would defend themselves. That’s hardly a threat!

Then, there is the case of their father, Cliven. The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports:

Federal prosecutors argued in court papers Wednesday against releasing Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy in the criminal case stemming from the 2014 armed Bunkerville standoff with law enforcement.

Prosecutors did not address claims made by Bundy’s lawyer earlier this month that Bundy is a “political prisoner” like the late South African leader and civil rights activist Nelson Mandela.

But in opposing a defense request to free Bundy, they again alleged that he is a “lawless and violent man” who violated federal court orders for more than 20 years.

Prosecutors argued in their papers that his claims of being a law-abiding citizen are inconsistent with his actions during and after the Bunkerville confrontation.

They accused him of publicly backing the armed occupation of a government wildlife refuge in Oregon earlier this year, led by two of his sons, Ammon and Ryan. The Bundy patriarch has not been charged in the Oregon takeover, but his sons are among those indicted in Portland, Ore.

Again, the prosecution alleges, but does not prove their case. As I have pointed out time and again, the ones that engaged in violent activity at Bundy Ranch were those tied to the federal government. They brought in hundreds of armed agents and snipers. They destroyed many head of cattle the Bundys owned. The infringed on the rights of the people and even tazed them in an effort to round them into “First Amendment Zones.” The Bureau of Land Management has engaged in lawless destruction of property. Yet, I see no arrests of those criminals, and we actually have many of their crimes on video! The FBI has attempted to coverup its role in LaVoy Finicum’s murder.

As for “armed occupation” in either Bunkerville or Oregon, we all know that no one brandished their weapons. They had them, yes, but that is a right they have. They didn’t give up that right when they protested. Furthermore, they were protesting the very crimes of the DC government by usurping their authority per the Constitution to claim the land as their own.

When we see this current administration allow illegal aliens go and they kill American women, but they believe that those who defend the Constitution and the lives of their own families are domestic terrorists, who cannot be let out of jail until their trial date, then you know exactly who the domestic terrorists are. They are the same entities who engaged in the cold blooded murder of LaVoy Finicum. It’s the same bunch!

Courtesy of Freedom Outpost