Most people have lived through several presidential campaign seasons and never really thought about the delegate system that is at work. If you are not a party member, these things mean little to nothing to you. You cast your vote, and they are supposed to cast their vote according to the will of the people.

Many of us, if we have thought about it at all, just assume that the delegate elections were a smooth and quiet process. They have always happened without much fanfare. Well, this is all changing.

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Fox reports:

Wyoming Republicans gathering this weekend to pick 14 delegates they’ll send to the national convention might register as a blip on the presidential race radar – especially with all eyes on Tuesday’s New York primary – but another Ted Cruz win could re-ignite Donald Trump’s flame-throwing attacks against the entire nominating process.

Cruz’s campaign ran circles around the Trump operation there, prompting the primary front-runner to slam the multi-tiered caucus system as “rigged.” Likewise, Cruz is expected to do well in Wyoming, where his campaign has been lining up support for months.

According to their “logic,” Trump is being his typical self. He is making noise because he does not like the outcome, but is this true? Let’s all put our tinfoil hats on and think for a second. Is there a possibility that Trump is on to something?

Could there be anyone who had the motive, power, and opportunity to steal the delegate election from the Trump campaign? There is evidence that there was, and there is the very real possibility that this has happened in Colorado.

Breitbart reports:

Volunteers at the Colorado Republican Assembly are coming forward with evidence to indicate that their state’s delegate selection process was riddled with errors that disadvantaged some Donald Trump supporters who were running to become national delegates.

The article goes on to describe just what this evidence is and how it was obtained; how the Trump candidates were left off the ballot or their ballet numbers were changed. This would make it harder for these people to receive votes, as you can imagine.

But more importantly, we have to ask why this matters. Did Cruz not win Colorado? Yes, but there is no mathematical way Cruz could win the election outright, and it seems less likely that Trump will have that magic number either.

So, if we go to an open convention, who the delegate supports will be paramount. Though on the first ballot at the convention the delegate is bound to follow the outcome of their primary or caucus, they are free to vote for whom they choose on the second.

And by the way, no Cruz delegate candidates have experienced any problems.

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