Why is the President openly making it harder to track potential terrorists? – Beverly/Flickr
Why is the President openly making it harder to track potential terrorists? – Beverly/Flickr

Aid groups admit they can’t track Syrian refugees

(INTELLIHUB) — In the days since the horrific terrorist attack in Paris, White House officials have scrambled to assure the American people that incoming Syrian refugees are being thoroughly vetted, despite all evidence to the contrary.

On Tuesday evening, multiple governors took part in a conference call with senior Obama Administration officials to demand that the president give key information on the refugees to authorities in the states that the federal government is about to release them in.

Shockingly, the administration officials refused the request, openly admitting that the White House has no plans to give states information about the incoming refugees, regardless of the obvious security dangers.

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“The administration officials, led by McDonough, assured the governors that the vetting process was thorough and that the risks of admitting Syrian refugees could be properly managed. He added that the federal government saw no reason to alter the current method of processing refugees,” Bloomberg Politics reported.

“There was a real sense of frustration from all the governors that there is just a complete lack of transparency and communication coming from the federal government,” said one GOP state official who was on the call.

In true Orwellian fashion, the White House then told reporters that several governors had “expressed their appreciation for the opportunity to better understand the process and have their issues addressed.”

That’s right, numerous state governors are furious that the Obama Administration refuses to give them the information they need to protect their citizens and the response from the White House (after refusing their request) is to claim that the governors expressed “appreciation” for the opportunity to be told no.

According to Bloomberg, the Obama Admin officials who took part in the conference call and refused the request were White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough, Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas, State Department official Simon Henshaw, FBI official John Giacalone, and the deputy director of the National Counterterrorism Center John Mulligan.

Keep those names in mind if ISIS does strike the United States through Syrian refugees as they (along with Obama himself) would at least be partially responsible.

Refugee in Louisiana goes missing

In a story that totally destroys the notion that the vetting process conducted by the Obama White House is working, a recently released refugee in Louisiana literally went missing after the charity who worked with the federal government to relocate the Syrian admitted that they had no idea where he or she was.

Remember, the White House just denied an urgent request from state governors to provide the very information that would have allowed Louisiana authorities to immediately find the lost refugee.

WBRZ reported in a now viral Facebook post that Catholic Charities, the organization that originally helped the refugee, had no idea where they had gone. A subsequent post about the missing refugee on the Gateway Pundit led to authorities finally being able to frantically track down the refugee.

After the refugee was located, Major Doug Cain of the Louisiana State Police gave the Pundit a quote that confirms, without a doubt, that the White House refusal to give information on incoming refugees to state authorities is severely hampering their ability to protect American citizens.

Louisiana State Police contacted the charity organized that originally resettled the Syrian refugee in Baton Rouge and were told that the individual has been settled with a family out of state. According to the charity, the individual is not missing, but has been resettled outside of Louisiana.

It is unfortunate and potentially dangerous that the federal government will not work with state authorities and we have to hear reports of refugee resettlement from the media.

Governor Jindal has demanded that President Obama give state authorities more information on this program and has directed the State Police and state agencies to use all available measures to prevent the resettlement of refugees in Louisiana.” – Major Doug Cain, Louisiana State Police

Keep in mind that this is an officer who is on the front lines not some snarky liberal mainstream media journalist claiming that the vetting process is adequate.

Who are you going to believe?

Give them free stuff, refuse to track them!

A perfect example of the mindset of President Obama when it comes to dealing with the potentially dangerous refugees was also revealed early this week after a concerned citizen posed as a potential volunteer during a call to one of the charities that is helping relocate the refugees.

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The charity organization employee is heard on the call saying, “Every refugee receives a sum of money from the government that’s welcome money. It’s $925 per person — a one-time sum.”

As noted by the American Mirror, almost a thousand dollars in free money is only the beginning of what American taxpayers are being forced to pay for.

“She also rattled off a laundry list of services offered to incoming refugees intended to make them “self-sufficient and independent,” including:

  • Being picked up at the airport
  • Finding and securing an apartment
  • Setting up the apartment “so it’s livable”
  • Providing bus orientation
  • Transporting them to Social Security office to apply for card
  • Helping find employment
  • Eight weeks of English as Second Language (ESL) classes

Now ask yourself. Why would the president of the United States literally refuse to give key information on the refugees to state authorities while at the same time giving the refugees over 900 dollars as well as a plethora of other services?

Why would the president do this when law enforcement officials are PUBLICLY warning that the refusal to share information is putting the American people in harm’s way?

FBI “worried” about Holiday Season

In a report published by the Washington Times, multiple anonymous FBI officials acknowledged that they do not believe that they have enough resources to fully guarantee the ability to stop ISIS from attacking the country.

“With another round of holidays fast approaching in the shadows of last Friday’s Paris attacks, FBI officials on the front lines of the war on terrorism see a new round of threats rising and worry they don’t have all the tools to cope,” according to interviews with The Washington Times.

The Times report goes on to claim that, despite a strong face put on in public, FBI Director James Comey is deeply worried and has attempted to cover up tensions behind the scenes with the White House.

“Bureau officials are deeply worried they don’t have enough resources to track a growing number of radicalized Americans inspired by the Islamic State, with more possibly entering as President Obama opens the borders to thousands of Syrian refugees.”

It doesn’t get any more clear than this. Almost every law enforcement official, from the state to the federal level, is worried about decisions being made by the White House that hinder their ability to protect the country and the president simply does not seem to care.

Was this the plan all along?

As ludicrous as it may sound to some, at this point one has to wonder if the Obama Administration is, for an as of yet unknown reason, purposefully making it more difficult to track the refugees.

Maybe he is so arrogant that he really does believe his way is the best despite all evidence to the contrary or maybe ISIS attacking the United States is simply all part of the plan?


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