This asylum center is rife with sexual violence, and still the Swedes do nothing. Sweden is the rape capital of the West. Statistics now suggest that 1 out of every 4 Swedish women will be raped. It’s no wonder that the nation is collapsing.

The brutality is unspeakable. And the monstrous feminists are mute.

And the Muslim “migrants” keep on coming.

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The rape took place just outside the asylum accommodation Hotel Mälarblick, run by Bert Karlsson’s tax-funded asylum company Jokarjo. [This appears to be the same building which previous had problems with Muslim riots]

Spat the victim in the face after double rape

Published 10 November 2015. By FriaTider via  The Muslim Issue,  (thanks to Religion of Peace):

[Translated with Bing and Google into English]

The woman was sexually assaulted and raped twice by two different men in Strängnäs over the course of an hour. Two Arab asylum seekers have now been indicted for the crimes at Bert Karlsson’s asylum accommodation Hotel Mälarblick.

The two men, a 39-year-old from Algeria and a 31-year-old from Syria, were in the same restaurant as the woman in Central Strängnäs during the night of August 23 this year.

– The victim goes home just after 2 p.m. and is caught up by a [Muslim] man who pulls her down and rapes her. When the offence has been completed and the man goes on his way, she puts herself together after a while and walks toward the center of Strängnäs. Just a short distance from the site of the first rape she is assaulted once more by two [Muslim] men carrying out another rape against her,” said Deputy Chief Prosecutor Henry Olin to FriaTider.

The second rape, committed by the 31-year-old in partnership with an unidentified person, is referred to in the indictment as violent. The woman would have been held and raped both vaginal and anal by the accused Syrian, who was also spitting her in the face.

Both the two Arabs were living at the time on Bert Karlsson’s asylum accommodation Hotel Mälarblick and the rapes took place in close proximity to the accommodation. They claim that they are not familiar with each other, something that the Prosecutor does not believe in.

– “They deny that they know each other. But they have lived in the same housing, they have been at the pub that same night, and they carried out these crimes right after each other. I think that the only reasonable explanation is that the offender who is charged with event number two somehow was aware of event number one,” says Henrik Olin.

The 31-year-old is to be prosecuted for another case of sexual harassment against a second Swedish woman at the restaurant earlier in the night. He had violated her “sexual integrity, by, with his clothes on, pressing his crotch against her body and trying to kiss her”.

The woman managed to just escape to get raped.

– When she goes home together with a friend, she is stalked by one of the accused men and goes out to the area where the actual rape later takes place. She and her friend run away from the scene,” said Henrik Olin.

It was thanks to the sexual assault of the first woman that the 31-year-old could be identified.

– “The first of the accused is singled out in a confrontation with the woman who was the first victim of a sexual assault at the pub. A DNA test is taken from him and it matches the DNA traces from the rape victim. The other accused gets caught because we do surgical swabs on a large number of people and his traces match,” says Henry Olin.

Police have secured DNA traces from the third man who took part in the second rape, but he has not been identified.

Prosecutor calls for both men to be expelled from Sweden after serving sentences.


Expelled? They will get REWARDED by walking free and illegally relocate to another country, where they target yet more women and children? The vermin need to be sent straight to Saudi Arabia and be executed according to Sharia. They want their Sharia, so send them off. We should have no pity or lenience to these Muslim animals who are far below human conscience. They pose no safety in any near or distant future for neither European or Muslim women and should never be allowed to walk free to rape others.


Courtesy of Pamela Geller.