All over the country, we’ve heard stories of girls being sent home to change because their outfits are considered “inappropriate” or not up to what most people would consider ridiculous, over-the-top dress codes.

Like this girl who was sent home for “showing her collarbones”:

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What a complete waste of everyone’s time including the parent who had to leave work to come pick her up.

Well this next story is the exact opposite of that.

When a six-year-old with medical issues had an accident at Belle Terre Elementary School in Palm Coast, the school didn’t call her parents to come bring a change of clothes or even just send her home in her wet, soiled pants.

No, the school, in its infinite wisdom, sent the humiliated little girl home on the bus in her underwear.

According to the father, who has now hired a lawyer after the school apparently told him something to the effect of, “Well, we thought her shirt was long enough to just send her home like that,” the little girl had the accident in the first place because the teacher ignored her request to go to the bathroom when she needed to.


A six-year-old being dressed like this would’ve broken the elementary school’s own dress code. Hell, it would’ve broken any high school dress codes, too. That’s not even a length someone could bend over in.

Can you imagine being a six-year-old little girl and being forced by the teachers you are supposed to be receiving your base of knowledge in the world from to ride home on the bus in your underwear? Her mom says the other kids picked on her and laughed at her the whole time. Of course they did. Who knows if she’ll ever live it down.

The school administration now claims it is “investigating”. Great. Meanwhile, that kid is probably scarred for life by this.

See how this works? Schools will send kids home for not being up to school dress code, even when its something completely, mindbogglingly ridiculous.

But, on the flip side, a school will attempt to justify sending a kid home only half-dressed as if it doesn’t even have to abide by its own dress code rules.

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At least her dad picks her up at the bus stop, so she wasn’t forced to walk home in her underwear, too.

And you know that if this little girl came to school in just a t-shirt and underwear, the people in charge would probably have called child protective services on her father for neglect in a heartbeat.

When the school forces a small child to go out in public in her underwear, apparently that’s just fine and dandy.

(H/T: Organic Prepper)

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