Image: Jews News

Image: Jews News
Image: Jews News

As more agents of the Islamic State flood into Europe, we are witnessing a wholesale run of lawlessness. Recently, members of the Islamic State entered a Christian man’s restaurant in Sweden and wrote on the walls of the establishment, “Convert and die” and “the caliphate is here.”

Express UK reports:

The Assyrian community in Gothenburg, Sweden are being tormented by the threats and police have now launched a probe.

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Markus Samuelsson was shocked after radicals covered his restaurant in the city with graffiti this week.

They daubed the terror group’s logo alongside the disturbing phrases “convert and die” and “the caliphate is here” over the walls on Tuesday.

The Arabic letter for ‘N’ – which has been used to identify Christians and drive them out of their homes by ISIS fighters – was also painted on the restaurant.

Samuelsson, one of the city’s 3,000 Assyrian Christians, said: “I felt a sudden chill down my spine. It’s terribly painful, we feel threatened.”

Breitbart adds:

A recent report by Swedish daily Dagens Nyheter revealed that the Assyrian community in the city of Gothenburg, in southwestern Sweden, is being menaced by unidentified aggressors using known Islamic State methods and symbols. According to reports, local police are investigating the threats, but so far have found nothing.

The town of Gothenburg is a hotbed for jihadist recruiting, and the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet earlier this year reported that at least 150 people had left the city to join the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. Terrorism expert Magnus Ranstorp has called Gothenburg “the Swedish Center for Jihadists,” and the town with a population of a half million has contributed more fighters to ISIS than the entire United States of America.

Assyrian Christians are being targeted by these Islamic militants. Just last week, the Islamic State executed three Assyrian Christians in Syria.

Out of 280 captives, these three men were alleged to have been killed and a ransom demanded for the remaining hostages.

According to a translation of the video by

…the terrorist group threatens to execute the remaining 280 captives if a ransom of $50,000 per hostage is not paid to them in the coming weeks; this monetary demand aggregates to $14 million (U.S.) in order to release the prisoners.

The three Assyrian men that were identified in the video are Dr. ‘Abdel-Maseeh Aniyah of Tal Jazirah (Al-Hasakah), Ashur Rustam Abraham of Tal Jazirah, and Bassam Issa Michael from Tal Shamiram (Al-Jazirah).

While all of this is going on, in the united States I’m being told by certain people that I should respect Islam. I have no respect for Islam, not one bit. While I respect people made in the image of God, I have no respect for the death cult of Islam. These are murdering thugs who are taking the lives of my brothers and sisters across the ocean, people who have done them no harm. Their barbarism is now coming to the shores of Europe and it will not be long until they are on our shores.

Every American should oppose the influx of Muslim refugees that are pouring into our country via the criminal Obama administration, in a similar manner to Texas, lest we become as Europe.

Courtesy of Freedom Outpost.